Nationals’ Stephen Strasbourg has returned to the injured list after launching the MLB for the first time in a year.

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Stephen Strasbourg’s return to the Washington Nationals was short-lived. Just a few days after launching its first major league in over a year, Strasbourg. Returned to the list of injured. After feeling unwell after a bilpin session. Nationals manager Dave Martinez made the announcement on Monday.

According to Martinez, Strasbourg did not suffer any physical problems during the opening match against the Marlins on Thursday, in which he allowed seven runs in 4 2/3 innings. However, nothing was felt physically after this week’s bullpen session. Martinez did not elaborate on the nature of the discomfort, but said Strasbourg would have an MRI.

Strasbourg has a serious recent history when it comes to injuries. The 2021 season was shortened after he underwent surgery to deal with thoracic outlet syndrome. In 2020, Strasbourg also underwent end-of-season surgery, this time for carpal tunnel neuritis. Due to these injuries and their serious nature, Strasbourg has made only eight starts since the start of the 2020 season.

Unfortunately for the club, this injury race is almost consistent with the decision to sign Strasbourg for a $ 245 million extension until the 2026 season. He has a salary arrears of $ 35 million for 2022, and will earn $ 35 million in each of the next four seasons.

Now 33, Strasbourg has a nutty life and has been one of the best beginners in baseball when he is healthy. He was an integral part of the Nats 2019 race for the World Series title as he reached 3.32 ERA and led the NL in the innings this year to finish fifth in the NL Cy Young wrestling. For his career, Strasbourg has drawn 31.2 and presented three All-Stars.