Best Monster Gaming Chair Reviews 2021

The monster gaming chair demands GS-734US, and it is now actually significantly more expensive than the previous version. Still, it also has a lot of improvements that aren't easily visible, So we are going to check out how good this is and if it is worth it at its price point of almost 20000 Indian rupees we are also going to talk about the gaming chair market in general and how this work compared to those options.

monster gaming chair

Assembly And Functionality

The assembly of the monster gaming chair is pretty straightforward, and you do get assembly instructions along with installation videos that greensoul has on their channel. You can do it alone, but having someone with you will definitely make things easier; they provide all the tools you will need for the installation, and they should take up to 20 to 30 minutes.

The order design and aesthetic of this monster gaming chair are really good. It is more refined than the previous version, but it still retains the aggressive elements that tell you that this is a gaming chair. The different materials and textures used on the chair blend very well, it looks quite premium from all sides, and it also feels to be built really well.

I went for this red color, which has these interesting patterns are given a monster gaming chair look, but there are other colors available, including a black version for people who like a more muted look or want to use it in their office.  You can also go all the way back to 90 degrees if you're still into 3-year-old memes.

The armrests of the monster gaming chair are also very good. They are 4 way adjustable, and you can adjust the height, slide the front and back, and sideways, and you can also adjust the angle of the armrests,

monster gaming chair

and this really makes it very convenient to fine-tune the position of your arms because you do need them in precise positions to operate your mouse and keyboard while gaming. 

The armrests almost feel like hard plastic, but they do get depressed when you apply pressure, and the 3D cube texture on it also adds to their look. They also feel quite sturdy even after having so many adjustments, which is nice to see.

The base of the monster gaming chair is now made completely of metal, and it also feels very strong. The wheels roll very smoothly too, even when they are under load, and the swivel mechanism of the chair is also very smooth, and you can definitely have some fun it.

You can also adjust its height by 8 centimeters, which should be good enough for most people. Now, if you look at other gaming chairs that are available in the market, you will find there they look very similar or identical to the chairs that green soul is selling, and even though I am not sure if all of these monster gaming chair comes from the same place china. I am very positive that most of these brands are basically selling the same chair some variation in the design and the materials used.

monster gaming chair

But as long as you are getting a good final product, I don't think that matters a lot, and this also means that you're not really getting anything extra by going with the chair that has a bigger brand name attached to it but one very important factor to consider

when buying chairs is that kind of materials that are used I have had very bad experiences with monster gaming chair that has pleather on their seats because that starts developing cracks and flaking off after a

Year or two. Hence, it is really great to have a fabric covering the parts of this chair that touch your body. This ensures that your buttocks can breathe, and this material should be also last for a very long time.

Headrest Pillow Support

monster gaming chair

The previous monster gaming chair I used for 20 months is almost as good as new even after heavy use, so I can confidently say that this will last for a long time. There is leather at the back and the sides of the backrest, but these are not the places that your body touches when you sit on the chair,

so their longevity should also not be an issue. The shape of the backrest is like that of a car seat, but it does have cutouts on the sides, so if you move your arms that's chair doesn't get in the way, and I have cried all positions on this monster gaming chair, and you can really sit in many ways. The neck rest pillow is positioned well and feels great when you rest your head on it, and you also have a lumbar support pillow with actual memory foam inside, which is great to see.

However, as I have said in the review of the previous monster gaming chair, lumbar support is really difficult to get right on the chairs, and even though this pillow is much better than that pillow you got with previous, I still find it to be too thick as it pushes my lower body to far ahead on the chair.


I think if you take the memory foam out of this and make it thinner, then it could work well, But I just didn't bother with that because even without the pillow, the back seat is comfortable for me, and this newer version does have curved it with extra foam in the lower region that aligns better with the shape of your back.

I might do a detailed review of this, but I don't find the ergonomic office chairs to be as good or better in the lumbar support area because for my body, I find the curved to be too high, which makes it uncomfortable.

You also cannot adjust the angle of the backseat with these chairs, so even though you keep seeing people suggesting these ergonomic chairs over gaming chair, I find these adjustable backrest chairs to be much better. The seat of the chair is probably the most significant change in this upgrade.

Even though I didn't have any issues with the previous design, they have introduced a flatter seat design that is more comfortable in different positions. In addition to people who have gained weight during lock down, this is also going to make sitting in a cross-legged position easier and more comfortable.

Talk About Variants Of Monster Gaming Chair

monster gaming chair

One very important thing to keep in mind is that this monster gaming chair comes into 2 versions. The regular is S variant and a T variant. The regular S variant is for people from 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 10 inches in height, while the larger T version is for people from 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 5 inches in there.

I was quite confused about this as my height is 5 feet 9 inches, so I am right in the middle, and I should fit on both of these chairs, but I still got the smaller S variant due to some issues with availability. I needed to buy it, and the accommodations they have for height do seem very accurate as of the leg support from the seat for me perfectly fits my thighs, and if I was a few inches taller, I might have found the seat to be too short for me.

Putting the lumbar support pillow on this S variant and actually makes the seat too short for me, but I don't use that, but also it's not a problem, so if you are taller than 5 feet 10 inches, then I would definitely recommend that do get the larger T version. Now this monster gaming chair has something called a deer mechanism, I don't know it is called that, but unlike the basic look that we had in the previous chair, this allows you to lock this monster gaming chair in a tilted position, and I didn't think it would be useful, but I do use it sometimes.

monster gaming chair

When you have the tilted mechanism unlocked, you can rock the chair back and forth, which I do a lot, and you can also adjust the strength of this tilting mechanism. Finally, the comfort on this chair is really great.

The cushioning is nice and should last long, and again I used an older chair for 20 months, and this version has small improvements in many areas. So it is even more comfortable, especially with the new seat that my body fits perfectly on.

I have sat on this monster gaming chair for 6 or more hours and months and haven't had any problems. The position off my desk is also perfect, so you should also consider how well-positioned your desk is. So within almost 20000 rupees price tag, this is quite an expensive chair, but it does have significant improvements over the previous chair they were selling for around 16000 rupees.

If you work or game on your PC for a long time, getting a good chair is definitely a necessary investment, and this is a really great option. The other chairs that I have seen on the market are very similar to this but this, but this one has the fabric a covering, a simpler seat design,

and even if something looks very similar to this, it may not have their deer mechanism and 4D armrest, so just be very careful about finding all the details before you buy any chair. But this is the one I can recommend as I have used their chairs for almost 2 years.

Specification Of Monster Gaming Cshair

Internal Frame: Metal
Upholstery Material: Spandex Fabric & PU Leather
Recline Degree: Recline Degree
Chair Size: Large
Neck / Head Pillow: Yes 
Lumbar Pillow: Available (Memory Foam)
Armrests: 4D Armrests
Mechanism: Butterfly
Base: Nylon
Color Options: Color Options