MLB trade rumors: Marlins are pursuing Athletics outfielder Raman Loriano, per report


The Miami Marlins are pushing hard to get Oakland Athletics outfielder Ramon Lariano, According to Peter Gamens. Lariano is in line for Thursday afternoon’s game against the Boston Red Sox, suggesting that athletes do not feel that any trade is close enough to pull him out for precautionary purposes.

Lariano missed the start of the season in mid-July 28 because he was suspended last August after testing positive for a substance. Since returning in early May, he has batted .242 / .326 / .358 (103 OPS +) in 135 plate appearances with two home runs and five stolen bases (on seven attempts). Loriano is best known for making high-light rail-capable catches at the center, although his defensive prowess has been exaggerated if he is judged by the public matrix.

Still, Loriano doesn’t have to be perfect to represent a possible upgrade for Marilyn. Manager Don Mattingley is relying on a combination of Jesus Sanchez and Brian de la Cruz at Centerfield, and it is safe to say that things did not work out that way. Sanchez entered with 92 OPS + on Thursday, while de la Cruz is ranked 65th in the division.

Laureano, at least, will help Marilyn against left-handed pitching. He has posted a .261 / .345 / .419 slash line against Southpaz since the start of the 2020 season (compared to a .218 / .313 / .383 slash line against Rights). As a team, Marilyn has scored .591 OPS against Lefties this season, the worst output among the big companies. (The Detroit Tigers are the second worst, with .646 OPS against the Left.)

While there is no guarantee that the trade will be completed, the aggressive pursuit of any Marilyn veteran is a significant development. His 28-33 record puts him six games out of the National League wildcard picture. In fact, they’re just as close to the league record as they are to the playoffs. Clearly, the Miami front office is not ready to throw a towel on the season yet.

Of course, Loriano will represent more than a short-term acquisition. It has no plans to target the free agency until after the 2024 season.