MLB Picks, Troubles: Sleeper for MVP, and Who’s Being Valued Through 60 Games

The 2022 MLB season is just about the 2020 season (60 games), give or take some games depending on the team. Sitting in mid-June, we’re just going into the depths of grinding, which is the dog day of the regular season. This is definitely an exciting time when it comes to gamblers trying to capture the future MVP.

Our job right now is to sort through the Caesar Sportsbook, and find out who can be more valuable, as well as some of the less expensive picks that could lead to a win. And hey, favorites can be the best choice.

In recent years, we’ve seen both versions of MVP. Version One: The Elite Level season continues in mid-June and he wins the MVP. The second would be a late addition by a player who was good, but not necessarily so good early in the season.

In fact, we both saw it last year. Shohi Ohtani was the favorite for AL MVP in mid-June and he won. Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. was right with him and he was second. For the NL, however, Bryce Harper did not make the All-Star Game, but from June 12 until the end of the season, he hit 34 doubles, 27 homers, 69 RBI and .331 / .48 / .681. 73 runs in 98 matches.

Ronald Aquana, Jr. was the frontrunner for the NL MVP in July but then tore his ACL. Jacob de Groom would have been in the mix before his injuries.

Players can also draw. We will stay with Harper. Remember, he was an NL MVP in 2015 and then three weeks to start the 2016 season was ridiculous. He was a simple and clear MVP favorite in May, but did not receive a single down ballot vote (26 players received at least one).

What does it look like right now?

National League

Manny Machado (+350) may be the leader in the clubhouse, but Mookie Betts (+350) is not far off. Nor is Paul Goldschmidt (+400). Bryce Harper (+750) is there again. Pete Alonso (+1000) has a lead over the Homers and has a big lead in the RBI while the Mets have the best record in the league, so he is in the mix.

Excessive value

  • Nolan Arenado (+2500) has actually hit “just” .241 / .314 / .400 in the plate since the hot start of the season on April 24. His defense is to keep his fight in the mix, but it’s hard to win an MVP when you’re either second or third (we’ll get to that) the most valuable player in your own team.
  • Jazz Chisholm (+2500) is an upcoming star and one of the most entertaining players to watch in the league. He is currently in the fourth position team with a sub-300 (.299) on 20%. One of the reasons he has that kind of difficulty is because he’s talented enough to be one of those players who is constantly getting hot – and if the Marlins make a playoff run when He does, so he gets a good shot. I’m not just watching it this year. He is above at least a handful of players whom I would choose without considering the difficulties.
  • Juan Soto (+2500) ranked fifth in 2020 while leading the league in average, on 20%, slugging, OPS, OPS + and deliberate walk. Last season, he was the runner-up in OBP, leading the big companies and posting .999 OPS (177 OPS +). He is hitting .228 in 2022 with .833 OPS (141 OPS +). The field is very crowded at the moment, the citizens are terrible and Soto may be injured.. Come along


  • Can there be coins? The only possible downside is that it’s +1600 and it’s just behind Machado, Betts, Goldschmidt, Harper and Alonso. I’m just looking at the simple fact that when they play, the Braves are 22-11 and when they don’t, they are 13-16. He started a little slower, by his standards, after recovering from an ACL injury, but he has been down to .337 / .441 / .568 in his last 26 games. If the brave get up and his hot game continues, a strong statement takes its place. Will it be enough to overcome him to lose about 30-35 games and start late?
  • The upper middle range can be a sweet spot. From Freddie Freeman (+2500) to Trey Turner (+3000), Austin Riley (+4000), Francisco Lindor (+4000) and Matt Olson (+5000), you’ll be able to play any of these mixes until the last minute. You can see it getting very hot. 6-8 weeks leading the division winning charge.
  • Tommy Edman (+10000) has gone to the short stop to accommodate Nolan Gorman and Brendan Donovan at the second base and the Cardinals have got a big spark. Admin .355 is one of the best table setters in the league with OBP and 15 steels. He has scored 49 times in 61 games and has a lead in the baseball-reference war version (he is second only to Machado and Bates in the fingerprints).
  • Christian Yelch (+10000) won the award in 2018 and it can be argued that he should have won in 2019. Following the All-Star break in 2018, Yelch hit .367 / .449 / .770 (!) With 18 doubles. Triples, 25 homers, 67 RBI, 58 runs, 10 steels and good lord, it was a ridiculous series for 65 games. If he did that again and the Brewers won the NL Central, he would have the cash to deal with these high odds.
  • Willson Contreras (+20000) ranks eighth in the NL position in the Fangraphs WAR and sixth in the baseball-reference version. He has a great offensive season and he’s catchy. It’s hard to see him coming out on top with the Cabs here, but what if he trades with another NL team and gets even hotter while working as a spark plug with his new guys?

American League

Between the potential Ohtani (+325) repeat and Mike Trout (+650), who is probably winning his fourth MVP, is a recourse to pick an Angeles player (+250) or field (-320). I may go through there, but the angels aspect is interesting. There is also something that can be appealing to Yankees fans. For Aaron Judge, winning the MVP with the Yankees winning the World Series is +1000 (you have to kill both).

It looks like the judges (+125) will win it now, but Jose Ramirez (+750) and Rafael Divers (+1400) are fine. With a judge, we can’t avoid his injury history. With margins so close, it only has one month left and it can be cooked.

Excessive value

  • I may regret it, but I think it’s Ohtani. We just saw the year of his career last season and while we should never realize how ridiculously difficult it is for him to be both pitcher and hitter – and to be productive in both, which is the key. – I don’t think he’s in a position to absorb the inevitable phase of the season where he’s been tired for the last 4-6 weeks. If it falls in the +2000 range, we will throw it back into the sleeper section. For now, I’m passing. AL is too heavy, there is really nowhere else to turn. Only Judges, Ohtani, Trout and Ramirez are below +1000 and only Divers are below +2000. It can be argued that Judge and Trout are valued for their fear of injury, but I’m not betting on either.


  • I think the value of divers is less than +1400. He is a serious threat to his victory. He is second only to the judge in both versions of the WAR and will fill all state categories, new and old school, except for the stolen bases. For example, he leads the league in hits and doubles, politely hitting .335 with OPS + and wRC + figures. Something for every voter.
  • Yordan Alvarez (+2200) is arguably the worst hitter in baseball right now, at least on the judge’s side. Can DH win it? This is probably a flaw, but it is also capable of increasing the number. Like this: In his last 16 games, he’s hitting .468 / .514 / .790.
  • Vladimir Guerrero (+2500) is currently out of the mix. He has the potential to become a gang buster in the second half (see the line above, save for theft). If he does that while the Blue Jays are up for a 95 plus win, that’s a shot.
  • Byron Buxton (+3000) is also out of the top tier at the moment. Although he has been on the field most of the time and has founded 18 homers in 46 games. He is incredibly talented and the twins are in first place. A huge second half puts him in the conversation.
  • Much of the AL Sleeper debate is based on speculation because there is such a big difference between the high level and the rest right now, but we know that could change. Wonder Franco (+8000) is someone with talent. He’s still injured, but he hit .314 / .372 / .500 after the All-Star break last season and was in his 20s as a rookie. Suppose she’s even better this time around while the rays are somehow chasing the Yankees. . There will be an opportunity. The difficulties are quite juicy.
  • Xander Bogaerts (+15000) is far behind team-mate Divers, but these difficulties are too long for a player of his potential to play for a run-scoring team after a terrible start, keeping an eye on possible opt-outs. Are I think we can toss Carlos Korea to +20000 with a similar argument.