Missing Ohio woman Alicia Kenny found safe

A Colorado woman whose bag was listed as a “critical missing person” after she was found unaccompanied has been found safe – and authorities say “it only takes a few days to clear her head.” . “

Leland’s Alicia Kenny – who went missing after a walk on Saturday – went to a relative who told her she had been reported missing, the Fox 19 news station reported Wednesday.

Authorities told the outlet that the 23-year-old only needed “a few days to clean his head.”

She started searching when she left the house where she lives with her grandparents and never returned on Saturday.

Her bag – which contained her phone, ID and wallet – was discovered by a delivery driver in a local subdivision and handed over to police.

Police confirmed in a statement Wednesday that she had been found safe.

Kenny panicked last weekend when she failed to return from a walk.
Facebook / Alicia Kenny

“Alicia Kenny was found safe and secure this afternoon and is currently being cared for by her family,” police said.

Alicia Kenny
Police confirmed that Kenny was found safe and sound on Wednesday.
Facebook / Alicia Kenny

The Loveland Police Department would like to thank our law enforcement partners, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, for their resources and agents, as well as the community for their support, police said.

The agency added that “involved law enforcement agencies worked long hours in difficult weather conditions to bring Alicia home.”

Kenny’s mother, Marcy Kenny, had previously said that her daughter often traveled to local parks to write or draw.

“It’s really hard to imagine what might have happened. She’s just gone,” said Marcy Told WLWT Before her daughter was located.

He added, “She has literally clothes on her back.” Without this bag, she has absolutely nothing. And I honestly can’t think of a scenario where he put the bag down and left on his own.

The mother did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Post on Thursday.