Minister calls sarpanches ‘corrupt’ after inquiry, calls for sacking of some village heads

Last update: August 06, 2022, 07:03 AM IST

Rajasthan Panchayati Raj Minister Ramesh Meena defended his comments. (Image: Twitter)

Panchayati Raj Minister Ramesh Meena said that some irregularities have come to light after investigation in some areas and action is being taken.

Sarpanches from parts of Rajasthan started protests here and demanded the sacking of Panchayati Raj Minister Ramesh Meena over his alleged statement calling him corrupt. Meanwhile, Meena said an inquiry has exposed the lapses and action has been taken against officials involved in irregularities in Barmer, Nagor and Bhilwara. Sarpanch Singh’s state secretary Hanuman Chaudhary said that the minister had made this statement in Nagor some time ago.

“The allegations against the sarpanches are baseless. We demand his removal. We are saddened by the allegations,” he said. Sarpanch and Up-Sarpanch gathered at Mansaroor in Jaipur and raised slogans against Meena.

On the other hand, Ramesh Meena told reporters that the quality of work done in the panchayat is checked and action is taken when irregularities are found.

“I have just exposed the lapses in the work. Action has been taken against officials where there have been irregularities. So far no action has been taken against any sarpanch because we want to improve. Some sarpanches are afraid of enquiry. That’s why such a protest is being held,” he said.

He claimed that most of the sarpanches and other public representatives were with the government and that the protest was being carried out by a faction.

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