Milind Soman likes to run, see evidence from his trip to Egypt

Actor, model, and fitness enthusiast Milind Soman is often seen sharing his passion for exercise on his Instagram page. He is a fitness icon for many youngsters. Running is Milind’s favorite exercise.

The model has run several marathons over the years. He rarely misses a workout or exercise session. It’s clear from his Instagram feed that Milind takes his fitness routine quite seriously, even when he’s on vacation.

Milind was holidaying in Egypt with his wife Ankita Kanwar. It was then that he posted one of his rails running along the coast of Alexandria, an Egyptian port city.

In the reel, Milind can be seen running barefoot on the beach in blue shorts and a dark blue tee.

She also wore sunglasses to complete her beachy look. In the caption, she wrote, “Very short run in Alexandria, just to stretch the legs! Egypt is beautiful, the people are amazing and I can’t imagine what the ancient pharaonic culture would be like if it were alive today. Heartwarming.” “

He also added the hashtags “running,” “health,” and “love.”

Not just one rail, Milind has shared many photos and videos of his journey. Milind and Ankita are seen scuba diving in a rail.

Milind considers running as one of his favorite exercises as it is considered one of the best cardio exercises that burn calories quickly. Sometimes, he runs in shoes but mostly likes to run barefoot on the street or beaches.

Running improves overall sports performance by strengthening core and minor muscles.

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