Mike McCarthy cancels Cowboys’ practice for hosting a team bonding event at Top Golf.

Although practice is important, Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy knows how to have a little fun. On Wednesday, he allowed his team to skip the second day of their three-day compulsory mini-camp to celebrate Team Bonding Day at Top Golf.

McCarthy, who made the decision on Tuesday, said his goal was to help the players relax after a tough fight.

“We didn’t have a great week last week, which is normal. It’s not negative. I just think the young players, the experienced guys that we were relaxing in, have a different combination. That’s it – six, Seven, eight installs is always one. Tight pull for your cheaters, “McCarthy told reporters Tuesday.

There was no media availability on Wednesday, so the players were the ones who internalized the event through their social media accounts.

Fullback Nick Ralston shared a video of several members of the roster, including quarterback Doc Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott hitting the ball. Louisiana Products asked its followers to decide who has the best swing, and while no unanimous decision was found in the comments section, several players advocated for themselves.

“Come on !!! Let’s be serious, you started with the best!” Prescott said, appearing in the first video.

While some showed the same confidence as Prescott, others apparently struggled. All-Pro Baker Baker Micah Parsons was one of them, as he lost the ball completely in his attempt. Meanwhile, wide receiver Sami Fehko didn’t want any videos of his performance to hit the internet.

“I don’t want to see you,” he wrote.

Ralston did not miss the opportunity to tease her.

“You’re a garbage can,” he replied to Fahuco.

The Cowboys’ mini-camp will conclude on Thursday. We’ll see if a day of hitting golf balls, sprinkled with some friendly trash, helps to put new energy into the team.