Memorable songs from ‘King of Bhajans’

Happy Birthday to Anup Jalota: Anup Jalota, the legendary singer known for his magical bhajans, turned 69 this year. Padma Shri recipient, Anup Jalota is one of the most revered, beloved singers of our time. His exquisite style of singing devotional songs, music and ghazals has always enthralled the audience. The singing style of this famous artist belongs to the Sham Chaurasi family of Punjab.

He is affectionately addressed as the Emperor of Bhajans (Bhajan Samrat). Some of his popular songs include- Tamhare Shahr Ka Maasam, Jag Mein Aaradi Hai Du Naam, Sometimes Bhagavan Ko Bhi, Tere Man Mein Ram, Shri Hanuman Chalisa, Prabhuji Tum Chandan Hum Pani.

In 2008 he released the Ismaili devotional song ‘Noorani Chahra’ for the CD ‘Golden Memorable Yadain’ in honor of Aga Khan Saab’s Golden Jubilee. Shaukat (Sam) Kasim produced it.

Let’s take a look at the playlists of songs/hymns of popular singers who have received phenomenal acclaim over the years:

I stay out of sight

This heart-warming song was from his live concert in Fiji in 1998. Its lyricist is Anwar Mirza Puri. People liked his best presentation.

The moon is waxing.

A mesmerizing ghazal sung by Anoop in a live concert in Holland in 1984. Music was by PSKainth and Sons. The fans were delighted to hear his wonderful voice.

Achyottam Keshwam: This is a popular Krishna devotional song.

The essence of a singer that he is, his rendition took the bhajan to a grander level. He sang this hymn with such devotion that it sounded completely divine.

Bhajan Prabhat

It was a compilation of devotional songs compiled by Vinod Sunija. The bhajans were well received and appreciated by the audience. It had 10 hymns on Krishna, Ganesha, Rama. Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva was one of the popular hymns in this compilation.

From the heat of the sun

Another precious hymn of his that soothes the mind of any devotee is this song. It is dedicated to Lord Rama. Its music was composed by Chandra Kamal.

Such again Lagan

Anup Jalota’s soulful rendition of this bhajan was very touching. It is about Meera’s love for Lord Krishna.

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