Mellon Gordon told the Broncos GM that he was “not going to lie down” in the RB match with Joanne Williams.


Last season, the Denver Broncos had one of the two most effective NFL men backfields. Veteran Mellon Gordon and rookie Javante Williams distributed almost equal images on a weekly basis, and by the end of the season, each had exactly 203 carries, with Gordon averaging 4.5 yards a pop and Williams 4.4 yards. Received per break. Williams had a slightly higher receiving volume with 43 catches in Gordon’s 28, but Gordon had the lead in total touchdowns, scoring seven to 10 times for Williams.

Arrangements worked well in 2021, but with 2022 approaching, people are generally more enthusiastic about Williams than Gordon. Williams is going into his second NFL season and he’s just 22 years old, while Gordon is going into 8 and recently turned 29, so it’s understandable that Will generate more buzz.

Gordon is aware of the breakup, he said at Money Camp this week, but he’s not happy about Williams’ departure.

Gordon said he knows people “want me to take the back seat.” Athletic Nick CosmiderBut he noted that he told General Manager George Patton, “I’m not going to lie down” and let Williams run away with the top job under new coach Nathaniel Hackett.

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The Broncos offense should have more success in 2022 than it did a year ago, with Hackett and Justin at the helm and Russell Wilson at the bottom of the center instead of Teddy Bridge Water or Drew Lock. This should mean that Gordon and / or Williams will have even more chances to carry the rock (more likely to play with the Broncos this year than a year ago), and also that they Find yourself in the end zone. The balance may move slightly backwards for the second year in a row this year, but Gordon is likely to remain a factor.