Max Pacquioretti slams the Golden Knights for having ‘no accountability’ when he joins the team.

Now a member of the Carolina Hurricanes, Max Pacioretti has played in various hockey markets throughout his career. After spending the first decade of his career in the pressure cooker that is Montreal, Pacquioretti had to adjust to a much looser environment with the Vegas Golden Knights.

In 2018, the Canadiens traded Pacioretty to the Golden Knights in a blockbuster trade. In an interview with Raw puris The podcastPacioretty said he immediately realized he was in a very different environment.

“There was a sense of relief when I got there, but then I felt like, ‘OK, I’ve got to take this thing back and hold myself to a higher standard,'” Pacquioretti said.

Pacioretty also noted that the more relaxed atmosphere in Las Vegas has an effect on the entire organization. As a result, the veteran forward said there is less “accountability” within the Golden Knights franchise.

“Everything has its upside,” Pacioretty said. “When I first got there, it was weird that there was no accountability. I’m not talking about the team; I’m talking about everybody. management. I had a terrible game, and everybody’s saying hi to me. I’m like, ‘Okay, this is a little weird. Normally, we’re each other. Let’s walk together and stare at the carpet.”

The Golden Knights entered the 2021–22 season as one of the Stanley Cup favorites, but injuries led to a disappointing season, and the team missed the playoffs entirely. Pacioretty said that, while the scrutiny may be a little more intense in Montreal, the Golden Knights can make the most of it.

“I mentioned it at the end of the year, too,” Pacioretty said. “I didn’t say it specifically. I didn’t want it to be like playing in Montreal, but I told them, ‘Nobody’s really holding us accountable.’ If we had a bad year like that, the city would burn to the ground. Here we are showing up to the rink, and it’s 80 degrees, and sunny, and we’re washing our car, getting our organic food, and Playing golf. I was like, ‘We better take this thing to the police between us.’ I don’t want to say it was the country club, but you don’t have anyone on the outside holding you accountable.”

Pacioretty himself battled injuries last season and played in just 39 games, but still managed to score 19 goals with 18 assists. In July, Vegas traded Pacioretty to the Hurricanes for a modest return of future protections.