London Diary: Voting begins in Britain

With voting to elect Conservative Party leader and UK prime minister set to begin on Monday, the clock has hurt Rishi Sink more than Liz Truss. Of the remaining 12 shootings, where candidates debate each other before party members, as many as 11 remain after voting begins.

A majority of the Conservative Party’s estimated 1,60,000 members (the party did not say how many) are expected to vote early after their postal ballots arrive in letterboxes from August 1. This means that the sink can offer. Their best is only reliable after a majority of members have voted.

That he is far more persuasive than Truss is evident from the public debates on television so far, despite claims that the tabloid media is campaigning hard to keep the cynical out. The more he debates the truss, the more members debate in front of him, the better his chances.

To mark the dawn of postal ballot recovery, Sink reiterated his economic vision. He is sticking to his stance of fighting inflation before tax cuts.

Meanwhile, the Truss has promised a further £30bn of tax cuts on borrowing which Sink says will only add to inflation, which stands at 9% and rising.

A tax war

Sink says he is committed to cutting the basic rate of income tax from 20p to 16p in the pound, but only until the end of the next parliament, which will be in 2029. Biggest income tax cut in 30 years But the point is, if they take charge, it won’t come soon.

“What I am presenting to people today is a vision to deliver the biggest income tax cut since Margaret Thatcher’s government,” he said in a statement late on Sunday. “It’s a radical approach but it’s also a realistic one and there are some fundamental principles that I’m not prepared to compromise on, whatever the reward.”

The first, he said, was that he would “never cut taxes in a way that increases inflation”. Second, he said, “I will never make promises I cannot keep.” That’s where he takes another dig at Truss. “I will always be honest about the challenges we face,” he says.

“Because to win this leadership contest without equalizing with the people would not only be dishonest but would be self-sabotage which condemns our party to defeat in the next general election and we have to remain in opposition for a long time. sends for,” he added.

Sink made it clear in his statement that Truss’ promises were misleading, and told Conservative members not to be misled. “I would urge them to treat any approach that doesn’t involve a hard trade with caution and remember that if something sounds too good to be true – it probably is.” He probably meant to write “If something seems too good to be true.” But these are hurrying days.

A spokesman said the central bank’s top priority “is to tackle inflation and it has a solid plan to do so by bringing debt under control and implementing supply-side reforms to improve productivity”. “Once we beat inflation, Rishi has a clear vision of taxation that prioritizes putting money back into the pockets of hard-working families to reward work.”

The position is due to be debated at length at 11 hustings, the first of which is in Exeter on Monday evening. Britons, who are currently struggling to cope with rising prices, will not be thrilled by the promise of tax cuts to be fully implemented by the end of 2029.

That date seems far off, and with too many variables in the way to be convincing. But Sink is determined that more borrowing cannot be added to the massive borrowing during the pandemic to give people furlough money.

It would be a cynical argument that he would no doubt suggest that although tax cuts look good at the moment, the inflation they would bring would make things worse, not better, and The price increases resulting from the cuts will more than cancel out any situation. The benefit of the tax cut, he argues, sounds like long-term benefits that will bring benefits here as well and is now in a better position to deal with inflation.

The argument is undoubtedly good. It is doubtful how many Conservative members will be listening, and giving themselves time to think about the way he promised.

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