Best LF Gaming Chair Reviews 2021

lf gaming chair

So this is the LF gaming chair slash office chair from LF gaming. This might be one of the most comfortable and versatile chairs on the market featuring new fabric technology and modularity.

I will not shy away from the pricing is review either this is a $1400 shares for each market, but before you make your mind up, allow me to showcase and explain why I think this LF gaming chair is worth the money to me even compared to Herman Miller and Steelcase. 

This is the stealth chair, which the top of the line model from the LF gaming chair. The chair looks subtle about most gaming chairs. That's why I don't necessarily call it a gaming chair, but they do.

This is due to the not overly aggressive design, nor does it feature bolsters our other racing style aesthetics. Every gamers like the design of this chair. It's simple but elegant with the stitching and piping design.


lf gaming chair

This LF gaming chair comes with a modular design. There's no sizing chart for this chair because you can adjust the dimensions to best suit your frame. That's the part where most chair views can be short-handed because it can't suit different body styles by adjusting its dimensions well.

First, the rear seat can be adjusted up and down for different heights. It does so by pulling up on the rear of the seat, feeling a click for release, and then you drop the seat to hear another click for reset and then raise it uses a ratcheting mechanism that clicks into place.

It's simple and easy and can be done while sitting in the seat.  Some pe6 feet 2 inches, and the headrest sits right behind the back of my neck. However, the LF gaming chair back at a 90-degree angle when we recline the headrest is right behind my head. Knowing this, I would recommend this chair for anyone up to 6 feet 2 inches or 6 foot 4 inches. If you are taller or have a wider frame, there's an extra-large version of this chair to accommodate you better.

lf gaming chair

The shape of the back of the LF gaming chair is curved to improve posture and reduce pressure on your vertebrae, which it actually does, and that's the thing about this chair as soon as you sit in, it reduces pressure everywhere, giving you the sensation of floating. The strongest competitor to comfort is mesh chairs,

which some may prefer over any type of foam, which is completely fine. Everyone has their preferences but achieving the same kind of support out of a mesh chair compared to the LF gaming chair will potentially compromise comfort.

For example, Herman Miller embody uses coils on the bottom of the sea to provide additional support, which can become uncomfortable over extended periods.


lf gaming chair

Plus, this LF gaming chair also has a weight limit of 300 pounds maximum. Another significant adjustment is the sea depth of pulling on this lever right next to the seat's bottom. Continue with the justice armrests have the option for sliding in and out on the track within just within the adjustment knob tightens, and you can slide the armrest and region outwards on that track.

 Well, any of these adjustments can put pads on the armrest that can tilt inwards and outwards but the only thing missing is being able to slide the pads forwards and backward. Technically they can deal with the bottom seat's judgment sliding in and out, but I would like that added feature.

The rocking abilities are fantastic on this LF gaming chair. The tilt tensioner is attached to the height adjustment knob. The height adjustment is controlled by twisting the knob, and attached to the end of that knob is the tilt tensioner. I love the fact that it is attached as a separate piece to the same knob adjustment to reduce the number of individual mechanisms.

On the other side is a tilt lock feature along with five different preset tilt angle lock options twisted to lock the chair into any of the five tilt positions or twist in the opposite direction to unlock the tilt for chair rocking and less adjustment is a lumbar support lever. By pushing the lever down, the lumbar support pushes outwards, and lifting upwards does the opposite, Because it removes the need for a lumbar pillow.

The need for having a pillow on a LF gaming chair is a compromise for lack an adjustment or comfort to save on costs, not to mention I end up throwing those pillows on those gaming chairs off because they're not comfortable, and even if they are initially, they become more of a nuisance over time.

So adjustment and customization are vast and allow multiple different types of body styles for maximum comfort. Comfort and support are hard to balance on the one hand. You don't want the LF gaming chair to be too mushy to not provide enough support and have you seen through the cushion or mesh over time. On the other hand, you don't want the cushion so firm that it restricts blood flow and creates an even pressure to cause pain in certain areas of the body.

Memory Foam

lf gaming chair

It can provide good form, but too stiff becomes uncomfortable quick and makes for a lot of pain. So the L.F. gaming chair uses memory foam for all of its padding. However, the bottom seat is slightly different,

it uses a high-density foam core for extra support, and a memory foam layer on the top and bottom memory foam provides comfort while the high-density foam provides rigidity and longevity for sitting in the seat for long hours without bottoming out. 

Much cheaper foam is found on other gaming chairs that are obviously much cheaper but much less comfortable as well, plus the cheaper foam compresses over time and becomes thinner and thinner around the middle frame of the chair.

Even armrests on the L.F. gaming chair use memory foam to reduce pressure on the elbows and aides with elbow pain from long hours at the computer. Now the foam isn't the only thing that makes this chair insanely comfortable and ergonomic shape.

The chair plays a role as well. Not only does the foam reduce pressure points and maximize comfort, but the shape of the bottom of the seat keeps your legs from being cut off or restricted circulation.

Brisa Ultra Fabrics 

lf gaming chair

The L.F. gaming chair is a fabric called Brisa Ultra fabrics with Thurman guard technology. The fabric looks like leather, but it isn't. Thankfully, I don't find pure leather to be a breathable fabric porous to help with air circulation.

The fabric is insanely soft. If you're wearing soft clothes, you just glide around in the seat, which can be a pro or kind, depending on your preference. Thermal guard technology on the fabric transfers heat from your body into the chair's foam and feels cool to the touch.

I do live streams for 5 to 6:00 hours at a time sometimes, and I'm not a bowl sweat suit, which is what would happen with any other chair that didn't mesh fabric actually works and because of the lack of sweating has actually cleared up my back from acne which is kind of gross I know, but it's true.

I didn't think it would have any sort of effect like that, but it has, which came as a complete surprise to me.

This is by far one of the most comfortable fabrics I've sat in, and I prefer it over the mesh. Some will prefer mesh over anything at any cost, but that is completely fine, but for me, this is a new alternative to provide comfort and breathability without using mesh.

Comfort And Build Quality

lf gaming chair

The comfort and modular design go into the overall comfort in this chair, but I can easily sit in this chair for 8:00 hours without feeling uncomfortable. Everyone has different pain tolerance and different bodies, but I can safely say that comfort longevity will last longer than most office and gaming chairs depending on your preferences.

That's what this chair is built for long hours. In the chair, whether it's gaming or office work, you can sit 8 to 12:00 hours with a lot more comfort than almost anything you can find on the market.

The last thing to go over is to build quality, and assembly and assembly are actually ridiculously easy. This chair comes in 2 separate boxes, one for the top of the chair and the other for the bottom portion.

The chair attached to arm wrestle the provided screws and bolts on the top of the chair to the base, and you're done. It took me 20 minutes to assemble this chair, from unpacking it and having it fully assembled.

 Also, the packaging is a compression foam that molds to the shape of the chair. And it's excellent quality there were no scuffs, scratches, scrapes or dents or anything it arrived in perfect condition it was manufactured and shipped from Canada all the way down to South Carolina in the U.S.

The design of this chair is excellent, and the stitching piping assembly is done by hand. You can expect quality control to be consistent, all mechanisms feel robust, and so does the chair's material.

 The chairs feel just oozes premium, and even the wheels glide nicely on the hardwood floor and short carpet. The only mechanism that feels a bit janky to me is a lumbar support lever, but I tried tucking on it and twisting it, and it still remains secure to the chair, so I guess it's still as robust as the other mechanisms.

The LF gaming chair also comes with a 10-year warranty for the frame covering and workmanship and a 5-year warranty for the foam control mechanism and all moving parts to maintain the fabric. This is a fantastic chair with excellent craftsmanship and exceptional comfort to fit multiple different body types.

Now here's the main question would I pay 1400$ for it, and how do you even justify doing so? I would pay $1400 for a chair. I'll tell you why this is a LF gaming chair for you if you spent 8:00 hours plus the computer sitting down almost every day. I spent a copious amount of time sitting down and editing and working at the computer every day at that point.

This comes down to my health. Having proper posture and good circulation throughout your body is imperative. When you spend that amount of time sitting down, you might say, well,

my $300 $150 chair or lazy boys come enough for long hours, sure but try spending 8 to 12:00 hours in that chair every day for 5 years straight without the padding fabric in surface materials wearing out on you.

Features of LF Gaming Chair

  • High-Density foam
  • Contoured Seat
  • Tilt & Tilt lock function
  • Selection
  • Arm pad swivel function
  • Mesh headrest
  • Upholstery memory foam arm pads
  • High-Density foam
  • Back angle adjustment
  • Brisa ultra-fabric
  • Front water-fall edge