Leif Hayman allegedly plotted to assassinate his mother-in-law.

Court documents show that a New Mexican man searched for a hitman to kill his mother-in-law, asking an undercover agent to “kill this b — h”.

Leaf Everett Hyman, 32, is accused of contacting the owner of a fake website. RentAHitman.com – In mid-April to indicate that he wanted to “injure” someone, according to a criminal complaint received through The Post.

“I want him to leave now,” Hyman allegedly wrote to the owner of the fake website. “There’s a lot I don’t like about her; she’s controlling my wife.”

One week later, Hyman used a nickname to visit the website a second time, providing his mother-in-law’s phone number, address and a photo, “court documents show.

“Kill him,” Hyman allegedly added.

Hyman later became suspicious of the website because of the urgent need to perform contract killings, saying that according to the complaint, he could not wait more than five days.

“You guys are fake,” Hyman allegedly wrote. “If you were a real person to contact. [sic] I’m already… I can’t wait I’m doing it myself, thanks for not doing anything for fake people.

Using a nickname, Hyman provided his mother-in-law’s phone number, address and a photo, officials said.
Hire a hitman.

A Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent later approached Hyman as a hitman to ask if he was still interested in “my services,” according to the complaint.

Hyman then told the intelligence agent that he thought the killing would be “free,” but eventually court documents showed that $ 200 was offered as a “starting price” for the murder.

“This is my wife’s mother we’re talking about, so I don’t want any evidence to come back to you or me,” Hayman allegedly told Hitman.

Hayman of Los Cruz told the agent that his wife lives in Biaward and he would ask her to send him some money, the complaint said. He also allegedly shot his mother-in-law.

“Heman said he would lie to his wife and say he needed money for something else,” the complaint continued. Hyman said his wife did not know what was happening.

Hayman said he hated his wife’s mother “passionately”, but later indicated that he was only able to come up with $ 53, advising her that Hitman used a baseball bat. He killed his mother while doing so, the complaint said.

Court documents show that an undercover ATF agent went to Hyman’s home on May 11 to carry out the alleged contract killing, but another man at the residence approached his vehicle and arrested the alleged hitman. Drived, court documents show. He was later arrested on June 1.

The initial hearing in the case was set for Wednesday. The Albuquerque Journal reported.

Screenshot of a criminal complaint.
The criminal complaint alleges that Hyman said he would kill his mother-in-law himself because the fake website was of no help to him.

Hyman, who has been accused of using interstate trade facilities in a rent-for-murder commission, is his legal guardian and lives in a residential facility through New Mexico’s developmental disability waiver program. The newspaper reported on Tuesday that he had been taken into federal custody.

The newspaper reported that a federal public defender representing Hyman did not return a request for comment.

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