LeBron James free agency: Lakers star unlikely to leave Los Angeles before 2024, report says

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The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA title in 2020, but things haven’t been smooth sailing since then. The Lakers lost in the first round of the playoffs in 2021, and they missed the playoffs entirely last season. However, despite the team’s recent struggles, star forward LeBron James remains committed to the organization, and is unlikely to leave anytime before 2024. Mark Stein. Why 2024, you may ask? At the same time James’ son, Brony, will become eligible to enter the NBA draft. James has previously expressed his desire to play in the same team as his son.

From Stan:

Sources emphasized that James is happy in Los Angeles despite the Lakers’ back-to-back rocky seasons. Since James signed with the Lakers in the summer of 2018, he and his family have, by all accounts, become increasingly entrenched in Southern California.

Prevailing thinking in league circles is that only the chance to play elsewhere with son Brony James, who will be eligible for the 2024 draft and continue to develop as an NBA prospect, will keep LeBron out of LA. Will emphasize.

James, who is currently set to become an unrestricted free agent next summer, will be eligible to sign an extension with the Lakers starting in August. 4. He doesn’t have to rush to sign the extension, though, as he could sign it in the upcoming season or any time after that. Given Stan’s reporting of James being “very happy” in LA, it certainly seems like he’ll agree to continue his career there at some point.

In order to stay in LA through 2024, James must add at least one more season to the end of his current contract. Perhaps he will sign a two-year deal that includes a player option for a second season that would allow him to leave the Lakers and add Bruin to a team if he makes it to the league.

It will be interesting to see if James signs the extension now, or if he waits for a decision. He might want to see how the Lakers look on the court before making a long commitment, which would be hard to blame given the way the team has looked the past two seasons.