Lamar Jackson attended the Ravens’ mandatory mini-camp when Star QB outscored the OTAs.

USA Today

The Baltimore Ravens started the mandatory money camp this week, and the big question was whether star quarterback Lamar Jackson would be present after the disappearance of the OTAs. He said in late May that he would stay “there.” Call the media Jackson appeared in the building Monday to criticize his decision to lose volunteer work, and of course.

Earlier Monday, Ravens Cornerback Marilyn Humphrey posted a video on Instagram announcing that Baltimore’s offensive leader was “here.”

Lamar himself sent a message to Ravens fans, giving everyone a glimpse. Jackson announced that he would “return to the King’s castle”, adding that “I hope you are ready for the season, because I am sure.”

The conspiracy around Jackson has to do with his deal, as the 2019 NFL MVP is entering the final year of its rogue deal. Although some signal callers, such as Kyler Murray, have been very public with their desire to expand ASAP, Jackson has reportedly not been in a hurry to discuss what a major deal would be.

Cody Sportsman’s Cody Benjamin speculates that Jackson’s reluctance may stem from an ever-changing market that demands that he reconsider his position. Either way, Jackson’s being in the building this week is important at this point. He has been publicly loyal to Baltimore, and this is another example.

Jackson is coming out of the toughest campaign of his career as he missed the top five games of his career due to an ankle injury. He threw 2,882 yards, 16 touchdowns and 13 career interceptions while adding 767 yards and two touchdowns to the ground. At just 25 years old, Jackson can reshape the QB market. That is, whenever he wants.