Kerala govt says fresh ban on MGNREGA ‘huge blow’ to rural economy, appeals to Center for repeal

The Left-wing government in Kerala has urged the Center to roll back its decision to limit simultaneous works under the MGNREGA scheme, saying it would deal a huge blow to the rural economy that would be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The source was trying to come out of the crisis. Criticizing the Center for the move, state LSGD Minister MV Govindan said that it was taken without considering the current situation in Kerala which is leading among states in implementation of the scheme.

He said that this would not only put the workers in a deep crisis but also adversely affect the implementation of the scheme in the southern state. The state government has already sent a letter to the Union Rural Development Ministry expressing its concerns about the new decision.

“The Centre’s decision is a huge blow to the local financial sector which is trying to come out of the crisis caused by Covid-19. The Center should withdraw its decision which pushes the workers into crisis,” the minister said. said in a statement. He pointed out that the order that only 20 jobs will be allowed at a time will create problems in the labor sector as well as in the local financial sector.

“This decision is also against the basic principles of MGNREGA to ensure 100 working days to all families who demand it,” he said. Pointing out that the structure of village panchayats in Kerala and northern states is quite different, he said that even a ward in Kerala can contain the population of a panchayat from other states.

Village panchayats in Kerala consist of 13 to 23 such wards and the state meets the enormous demand for labor by implementing simultaneous functions. Although the state had demanded 10 crore working days this year, the Center has allocated only six crore days, he said.

Govindan added that the state has already completed 2,43,53,000 work days within the first four months of the financial year.

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