Karan Mehra accused Nisha Rawal of having an affair with ‘Mah Bola Bhai’ who did her ‘Kanyadaan’, later responded

Karan Mehra held a press conference today where he talked about his estranged wife Nisha Rawal and hurled accusations at her one after another. She not only accused him of extramarital affairs but also claimed that he had physically assaulted her with the help of others and that he had further tarnished her image with her work in the lockup.

During the press conference, Karan accused Nisha of having extra marital affairs, as they are yet to be divorced. She also claimed that the man was introduced to her as Nisha’s ‘Mah Bola Bhai’ and had also performed her kanyadan during their marriage. Claiming that his name is Rohit Sathiya, he said, “Nisha is living in my house with another man. We have presented evidence in the court and that’s why I am speaking here today. Nisha.” Rawal, who is still not divorced, is in an extra-marital relationship. Rohit Sathiya is his 14-year-old ‘mouth-bole brother’, who also did his ‘Kanyadaan’. I didn’t have the evidence at the time, same. So I didn’t say anything.

Pinkvilla added, “Rohit is a chain smoker, drinker, gutka paan, which I never did. He is living in my house with Nisha and my younger son is also in the same house, which is morally wrong.” But it is questionable on many levels. I have never done that and what can I do as a father? This is why I am fighting for custody of my child. I do not have access to my child. Rohit Kavish’s daughter ties a rakhi. Everyone (relatives) knows and these two kids are involved, what will we tell them? I am fighting for the truth, I will go for it.”

Karan also accused Rohit of physically assaulting her and throwing her out of the house during the pandemic. Responding to these allegations, Nisha said, “I am not commenting on it. I know he had a press conference, and I can’t go against every statement he made.

Nisha had lodged an FIR against Karan in May last year. The latter was also detained, and released on bail the same day.

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