Kanika Tekriwal was named India’s richest self-made entrepreneur. What is his net worth?

Kanika Tekriwal was recently named India’s youngest self-made entrepreneur by the Kotak Private Banking Harun Top Rich Women List 2021, with a net worth of Rs 420 crore at the age of just 33. Tekriwal, CEO and founder of JetSetGo, an aircraft aggregator startup, is a role model for young entrepreneurs who want to start early, and his success proves the benefits of starting your career at an early age. Is.

“JetSetGo’s Kanika Tekriwal (33) is India’s youngest (and richest) woman,” the Kotak Private Banking Huron List said on Wednesday. Kanika Tekriwal was born into a Marwari family in Bhopal, and is an alumnus of the Jawaharlal Nehru School. student, at the Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL) campus in the capital city of Madhya Pradesh.

Kanika Tekriwal’s journey to start JetSetGo has not been smooth sailing. Not only did Tekriwal fight against comfortable sexism and her family’s conservative views, she also overcame cancer to establish the first marketplace for private jets and helicopter charters in India. “I had the idea in my head for about three years, but when I got out my sketchboard and started working on it, I was diagnosed with cancer, which set me back a year.”

An MBA graduate, Tekriwal co-founded JetSetGo in 2012 with his friend Sudhir Parla. Today, the company owns 10 private jets. Tekriwal’s aircraft aggregator startup manages, flies and operates chartered planes and helicopters for owners.

JetSetGo, often referred to as the Uber of the Indian skies, was started by Tekriwal when he identified problems in the private aviation industry and decided to fix them. The young entrepreneur added that what gave him the edge was that no one had come up with such a unique approach to complete cancer treatment. It aims to ‘democratize’ air travel, he said earlier.

Tekriwal, who married a Hyderabad businessman this year, does not plan to stop in India with 10 private jets. According to a report by moneycontrol.com, his company plans to import four more aircraft through the Gujarat International Finance Tech City (Gift City) in 2022-23. “Thanks to the tax holiday in Gift City, it makes sense for us to lease aircraft from there. Two of our 10 aircraft are leased from there and we are looking to acquire another 10-20 aircraft that way. We also plan to lease aircraft from Gift City to our customers in the Middle East,” he told the media organization.

JetSetGo also manages jets owned by high net worth individuals in the Middle East. The company’s fleet ranges from the 18-seat Global 6000 to the six-seat Cessna Citation CJ2.

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