JuJu Smith-Schuster says he can see himself back with the Steelers, surprised by the number of fans at the farewell party

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Juju Smith-Schuster signed with the Kansas City Chiefs this off-season, but the wide receiver is not necessarily ready to say goodbye to the Pittsburgh Steelers forever. Smith Schuster reflected his time in Pittsburgh after a recent tour of the city and did not rule out a final return.

Smith-Schuster was at the final farewell charity event in Steel City, the proceeds of which were benefiting various organizations.

Although Smith Schuster will be playing for another AFC team next year, hundreds of Steelers fans still came out to support him and say goodbye.

The 25-year-old felt the love of his former team’s fans and hinted that he might one day return to black and gold.

“I could see myself back here,” he said. “Even today, it shows a lot, that my fans are still coming out to support me.”

He was amazed at how many people came out and were impressed by the loyalty of the fans.

“Steelers fans, they’re always loyal no matter where you go,” said Smith Schuster. “I have a lot of Steelers fans but I also have a lot of JuJu fans. Being here shows that. I thought I was going to be like a hundred people. I think there are about 400 people here. Besides, the line is still running. “

After the ceremony, he tweeted, “Surprised to see a turnout in Pittsburgh today for our charity farewell program. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and made it all possible!”

Smith Schuster will join next year’s Super Bowl champion quarterback Patrick Mahoms. One year, 10.75 million contract. He began his NFL career with the Steelers when he drafted him in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft.