Juan Soto trade rumors: Three teams bidding for Nationals star as deadline looms.

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The 2022 MLB trade deadline is this coming Tuesday at 6pm ET and three teams are believed to be bidding for Washington Nationals Juan Soto, According to Jim Bowden of CBS Sports HQ. Three teams: St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers, and San Diego Padres. St. Louis is said to feature the most talent on its MLB roster.

Soto, who is still only 23 years old, recently rejected a 15-year extension worth $440 million at some point., prompting citizens to enjoy commercial offerings. A $440 million guarantee would have been the richest contract in baseball history, although the average annual value of $19.3 million would have been only the 20th highest. Elite players these days are earning more than $35 million per year.

A Soto trade could also include Patrick Corbin and his expensive contract.. Corbyn is owed about $70 million through 2024. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to get a fair value for Soto in terms of talent. Stripping Corbyn’s deal would be another way for Washington to extract value from trade. Here’s a look at the seven teams best positioned for the current NL MVP runner-up..

The Seattle Mariners are said to be in the mix for Soto. Although they used several top prospects to acquire Luis Castillo this weekend., presumably taking them out of the race. The New York Yankees have only been in Soto-Chase’s circle, and Their recent addition of Andrew Benintendi Reduces the need for a second outfielder.

Players as good and young as Soto are rarely bought, though there is one recent example: Miguel Cabrera. The then-Florida Marlins traded Cabrera, 24 and two years away from free agency, to the Detroit Tigers for a package of prospects including Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin. He was considered two of the 10-15 best prospects in baseball at the time.

In what could possibly be considered a down season, Soto entered Sunday hitting .246/.404/.479 with 20 home runs and an MLB-leading 87 walks against 61 strikeouts. Just 45.4 percent of the pitches Soto has thrown this season have landed in the strike zone. Given the lineup around him, opposing pitchers have little reason to challenge him.