Juan Soto trade rumors: Padres talks heating up The Cardinals are reluctant to add Dylann Carlson.

A big question ahead of Major League Baseball’s trade deadline (Tuesday at 6 p.m. ET) is whether or not the Washington Nationals will trade outfielder Juan Soto. Soto was recently made available by the Nationals after declining a 15-year, $440 million extension. It appears the Nationals will have an incentive to move him at the deadline, as the franchise is expected to be purchased by new owners this offseason. Incoming owners likely won’t prioritize their first order of business on a 23-year-old on the Hall of Fame track.

The St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Padres, and Los Angeles Dodgers have been identified as the most likely landing spots for Soto since he was placed on the trading block.

Below, CBS Sports will keep track of all the rumors, news and notes surrounding Soto throughout the day.

Padres favorite near deadline?

According to Barry Svrluga The Washington Post, there is a “growing sense” that the Padres may be the favorite to land Soto — and, perhaps, first baseman Josh Bell. (Beal, an incoming free agent, is considered one of the top hitters left on the trade market.)

It’s unclear who the Padres will offer the Nationals in return, and Bell’s inclusion would increase the asking price. In theory, the Padres could build a package that includes infielder C.J. Abrams, injured left-handers McKenzie Gore and Adrian Morrison, and prospects Robert Hassell III, James Woods, and Jackson Merrill.

Cardinals not ready to add Carslin and top prospects?

According to Jon Morosi of MLB.comthe Cardinals aren’t willing to part with big-league outfielder Dylan Carlson in any Soto trade that also sends their top prospects — possibly third baseman Jordan Walker and/or shortstop Mason Winn.

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Karlsson, 23, is a former top prospect himself. In 267 big league games, he batted .253/.325/.419 (107 OPS+) with 27 home runs. The Cardinals seem to have more room to grow, or as is often the case, they are playing hardball. After all, a lot can change during a day in negotiations, especially when a deadline is approaching.