Josh Schultz, accused in the CIA case, says the government “searched for the witch.”

A former CIA programmer is on trial for the second time for allegedly transferring a large treasure trove of classified documents to WikiLeaks, in a preliminary statement released on Tuesday. Accused of doing

Joshua Schultz – who is representing himself in his Manhattan Federal Court trial – has claimed before judges that while investigators have found him guilty, they do not yet know the true history of the CIA. Who was behind the worst leak?

“They first fired me as a guilty party and then backed down,” he said.

“She was a victim of political sorcery from day one.”

At the end of his first trial in 2020, Schulte was jailed by a jury on the most serious offenses for the illegal transfer of national defense information. He was convicted of low contempt and perjury.

At the start of his trial on Tuesday, Schultz told the panel that he was not a traitor to the United States, but a promising and capable software engineer who had moved to the public service after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Was

In his opening remarks, Schulte accused the federal government of launching a “witch hunt” against him.

Talking about the leak, he said, “Someone stole his crown jewels and he failed to realize it for a whole year. That’s not a good idea for the CIA.”

The so-called “Vault 7” content, published by WikiLeaks in 2017, partly showed how the agency could hack into smartphones and some television listening devices in overseas spying operations. I describe in detail my efforts to change.

Schulte told the judges that the hacked information was kept in one place so that it could be insecurely labeled “Wild Wild West” by programmers working on it.

After the leak, Schultz said the CIA immediately pointed a finger at him – and then stepped back to prove its guilt in the “Twilight Zone” investigation.

During his time at the agency, Schultz said he worked on a team that helped verify Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts before the terrorist mastermind was killed by US forces.

The former government hacker made his initial statement after prosecutor David Denton told judges that Schulte was a dangerous, angry former employee who allegedly provided CIA operatives and key equipment used by the agency with alleged illegal distribution of material. Exposed

Schultz claimed that the CIA immediately charged him and then took action. "Twilight Zone" Investigate about it.
Schultz claimed that the CIA immediately charged him and then investigated the “Twilight Zone”.
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“This man, Joshua Schultz, the defendant, is responsible for the single biggest theft of intelligence in the history of the Central Intelligence Agency,” Denton said.

Prosecutors said the evidence would show that Schultz was disappointed with the CIA when he accused a fellow hacker of endangering his own life – and that the agency would “not take his side”. It felt different then. “

“He started breaking the rules,” Denton said. He did this because he was angry and frustrated with his work.