Jillian Brown, Celtics believe they can still win NBA Finals: ‘We are not afraid of Golden State Warriors’

After two consecutive losses, the Boston Celtics beat the Golden State Warriors 3-2 in the 2022 NBA Finals, and found themselves in a serious predicament. The last 30 times the finals were tied 2-2, the team that won Game 5 won the series 73.3%.

The odds against the Celtics have been taken seriously, but no one in the locker room is giving up. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, several players expressed confidence that they could still return to win the title.

“We know the danger,” said Jillian Brown Said. “So, as I said, as he said before, let all the temptations of the world come to the floor of our house and leave it all there.

“We are waiting for the challenge. We have to accept it. There is no other way around it. The last game on our home floor to embody our entire season. We want to give it everything. We’re not scared. We’re not afraid of the Golden State Warriors. We want to come out and play the best version of basketball we can. “

You wouldn’t expect the Celtics to say anything more, but when they come back from a similar deficit in the playoffs, their confidence weighs a bit more. After falling to Game 5 at home, 3-2 below the Milwaukee Box in the second round, they won two straight games to prevent the elimination. In the Eastern Conference final against the Miami Heat, they were down 2-1, came back to take a 3-2 lead, blew Game 6 at home and then went on the road to win Game 7.

“It’s already four,” said Jason Tatum Said. “It’s not over. So until it’s over, you’ve got a chance. I think doing it first should give you more confidence that you can do it. It’s not that easy. It will happen or it will be given to us. But as long as you get the chance you should be very confident. We got the chance yesterday.

Just a few days ago, the Celtics were 2-1 up in the series and they were all favorites to win. Despite the current situation, it is clear that they have the ability and capability to complete the return. But to do that, they have to be much better than the last two games.

It starts with being more composed, taking care of the ball and playing the whole 48 minutes. He turned it around 18 times in his Game 6, and the Warriors’ 103 points of turnover are the highest of any team’s final five games since 1992. The last two fourth quarter. This kind of reduction will not stop him against a great team like Warriors.

“We’ve been in such stressful sports positions before,” said El Horford Said. “Obviously, never in the final, according to you, but I’m sure the way this team is, it’s just a lot of fighting. There’s a lot of fighting, there are guys who are just competitive, people who compete. Want to do

“I trust my boys. I’m sure they will come out and we will respond.”