Jennifer Faith has been sentenced to life in prison for plotting to assassinate her husband.

A Dallas woman pretends to be raped and then a sad window.

And now she will sentence both characters to life in prison for forgery and instead trying to cover up her husband’s murder.

Jennifer Faith was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday for falsely claiming that her husband, Jamie Faith, had raped her and killed her lover. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Texas said it has since raised funds for her murder.

Prosecutors say his public figure after the October 2020 assassination was different from his behind-the-scenes motives, which a federal judge called “pure evil” during his sentencing.

Iman, 49, set up fake e-mail accounts to lure her husband, an American Airlines executive, and a friend, gunman Darren Robin Lopez, into believing he had been sexually abused. According to the prosecution, he also downloaded stock images of the injured from the Internet and emailed Lopez to further convince her that the abuse was real.

He acknowledged as part of his application agreement that there had never been any abuse.

Jennifer Faith was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday.
Dallas County Sheriff’s Department
Faith collaborated with Darren Robin Lopez to get her husband hanged.
Dallas County Sheriff’s Department

“Ms. Iman performed well in the aftermath of her husband’s murder. She told the story of her sobs to journalists and law enforcement, then went home to orchestrate her cover-up,” said American. Attorney Chad Macham said. But the crocodile’s tears could not stop eating. We were determined to bring Jamie to justice, and we are one step closer now that we have been sentenced to life in prison by a judge this afternoon.

Faith collaborated with Lopez, a military specialist and Tennessee resident, to organize the assassination of Jamie Faith. Prosecutors say Lopez, who is still on trial, is accused of shooting Jamie Faith seven times outside his home while he and Jennifer Faith were driving their dog. It had been almost seven months since the shooting began.

Iman was caught in a screaming audio during the attack and then in a video crying with hysteria, which the prosecution showed at the time of sentencing.

“I turned around and saw the man shooting. I couldn’t believe it – I didn’t know him. Like, why?” A crying Iman told a Dallas police detective after the shooting that the video was recorded. “Too many shots, five, six, maybe, I think so. And he just kept going, and I like, stop him!

“And then I saw this man turning, like, black eyes, coming towards me. And so I started – I didn’t say, and I started running. And he dropped me to the ground. He was trying to attack me while I was screaming.

But before the murder, he sent Lopez, whom he called “another love”, gifts and money, Fedes said. The two had dated in high school and college.

And after the shooting, she sent him two credit cards, which she used to pay off a GoFundMe fundraiser called “Support Jennifer Faith”, which she started after her husband’s death.

When police learned of the “T” decal on Lopez’s pickup truck and fled after the alleged shooting, Faith went to a television station to locate the truck to help investigators.

But after the interview, he texted Lopez to remove the sticker.

According to Fedes, “I woke up a little nervous … something was eating me that you need to get the sticker out of the back window of the truck,” according to Fedes, he texted it. “I don’t usually react that much; it really feels like you need to remove the sticker as soon as possible, like today.”

Prosecutors said that a month after the shooting death, Faith tried to raise 62 629,000 in death benefits from her husband’s life insurance company and promised Lopez to buy a house in Tennessee with her.

In early January 2021, when he was approached by investigators for questioning, Faith admitted that he had linked his cover story to Lopez.

A Dallas woman pretends to be raped and then a sad window.
Iman created fake e-mail accounts under the pretext of being her husband.

“Don’t text me on Monday. I’m going to factory reset my phone on Sunday night after deleting the text,” he wrote.

“Okay, that sounds good,” Lopez replied. “Warmly embrace.”

Faith, who confessed to an interstate crime, over a life sentence. Murder for hireShe is also required to pay her late husband’s family $ 6,500 to cover their funeral expenses and an additional $ 250,000 in fines.

“Long time in federal prison will not bring Mr. Faith back, but this sentence shows the seriousness of Ms. Faith’s criminal activities,” said Jeffrey Boshek, special agent in charge of ATF Dallas.

“His backbone of trying to influence law enforcement and public opinion will forever be etched in the hearts of those affected by this heinous crime.”