James Harden is expected to take up the player option, signing a short-term extension with the 76ers, per report

The future of James Harden with the Philadelphia 76ers is the most important issue facing the franchise this off-season. Harden, 32, has a $ 47 million player option for next season that he could pick up, and is also eligible for a Monster Max extension – or four out of five years, depending on whether he chooses his option. Decides what to do with So, in Philadelphia, there are many ways to end Harden’s future financially, but it looks like the two sides will meet, as Harden is expected to pick up his player’s option and then go along with it. Will sign a short-term agreement. According to Sixers Bleacher Report.

The Sixers traded a pair of Ben Siemens, Seth Curry, Andre Dermond and Chanu to acquire Harden from the Brooklyn Nets in February. He appeared in 21 games for the team during the regular season and played in all 12 of his playoff games.

From Jack Fisher:

Two weeks after the start of the NBA Free Agency at 6pm ET on June 30, all marks point to All-Star guard James Harden returning to the Philadelphia 76ers on a short-term contract extension, league sources said. Told / R.

The leadership of Harden and the Sixers is tied to a clear direction, the source said: the best chance for the franchise to compete for the Joel Embed acting championship, as well as the best chance for Harden to get his first NBA ring, Harden’s Playing in Philadelphia for the foreseeable future. .

Ownership of the Sixers, however, has been reluctant to allow Harden to extend his full four-year contract beyond the 2022-23 option season, sources told B / R, or the five-year deal for which Harden is eligible. shall be. If he chooses to reject his $ 47.4 million player option for next season. By signing a two-year extension after his option season to create a new three-year framework, Harden will also have more options for his own career.

As the Philadelphia season draws to a close, Darrell Murray, president of the Sixers’ basketball operations, has made it clear that the team plans to retain Harden.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Murray said “Obviously, we have to work with him to represent him and it will be up to us how he works … he’s an incredibly talented player like Joel.” [Embiid]Just like Tobias [Harris]And I’m excited for the doctor. [Rivers] And his staff spent the entire off-season, working with the players and developing the best plans for the roster. ”

After the season, when asked if he would make possible pay cuts to help the team make the rest of the roster, Harden said: “Anything you can do to help this team grow. Fell, and move us forward. With the best of them out there … We’re trying to win the championship. That’s the goal. Whatever it seems. ”

Hordon’s signing of a small team contract makes sense for the Sixers as he still clearly has some gas left in the idiom tank, and such a move would protect him off the road if his The game gets extremely bad in the coming season. ). Once Harden has been contracted and used, the Sixers can continue to build a roster around him and the MVP runner-up embed.