Is anyone giving birth to George Jetson today?

Remember George Jetson from the popular 1960s television series The Jetsons? If an online fan is to be believed, today is giving birth anytime on July 31, 2022. A fan who goes by Brendan Kergan shared the information with a chart on Twitter, writing, “I don’t mean to sound alarmist. No one, but someone is going to give birth to George Jetson. His wife Jane is in the chart. , also named son Elroy, daughter Judy and grandfather Montag Jetson.

According to an article in the AV Club, things have gotten so serious that Wikipedia has blocked edits to George Jetson’s page due to “birthday suchers”. In fact, it’s almost impossible to establish whether today is actually George Jetson’s birthday, depending on what you consider the show’s timeline. The show traditionally does nothing to explain this.

According to the AV Club, possible canonical evidence suggests that George was shown to be 40 years old in 2062, making this birth date possible. On the other hand, the show could also operate on a shifting time scale, where any event that takes place always takes place 60 years later, no matter when “now” is.

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