Inspired by the James Webb Telescope image of the universe, this dress is stunning.

In an outfit that might get Neil deGrasse Tyson’s approval, fashion company Soha has unveiled a new collection based on the James Webb Space Telescope that includes a dress, top and cardigan. The outfit is based entirely on a NASA image that captures space with stunning clarity. It comes after the James Webb Space Telescope captured the deepest picture ever taken into the infrared universe.

The image, showing hundreds of distant galaxies, was taken by the telescope’s Fine Guidance Sensor (FGS) over an eight-day period in May and consists of 72 snapshots taken over a 32-hour exposure. And now, it has become a topic for clothes. The idea behind the project was a combination of science and fashion. Customers are reportedly very interested in this dress and it costs $79.99.

Developed by the Canadian Space Agency, the FGS is not a scientific instrument and images acquired by it are usually deleted immediately after acquisition. Although it has always been capable of imaging, the main purpose of this instrument is to enable accurate scientific measurement and imaging with precise detection.

Meanwhile, earlier, Webb’s Fine Guidance Sensor Program Scientist Neil Rowlands explained, “When this image was taken, I was very happy to see all the detailed structure clearly in these faint galaxies. Given what we now know is possible with deep broadband guider images, perhaps such images, taken in parallel with other observations where possible, may prove scientifically useful in the future.”

After the pictures were uploaded on social media, netizens seemed to be quite interested. One Twitter user wrote, “So @neiltyso I’ll be next in line wearing this dress to your next appearance, I’ll buy several so I can wear it everyday and any man who recognizes my dress, I Will ask. Date immediately.” Another person wrote, “And a t-shirt. And a lunch box. And a bag. And…”

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