Indian-origin doctor sentenced to four years in prison in UK for raping woman found on tender

Doctors of Indian descent in the UK: An Indian-origin doctor based in the UK has been found guilty of raping a woman. The court then sentenced the doctor to four years in prison. The Edinburgh High Court in the UK last month convicted 39-year-old Indian-origin Dr Manish Gul. After which he has now been sentenced.

The woman had made serious sexual allegations against the Indian-origin doctor three years ago. After a lengthy hearing, the jury found Manish Gul guilty and sentenced him to four years in prison. In the case, the woman told the court that the married doctor had introduced himself under another name on the online dating app Tender.

According to the woman, Dr. Manish Gul of Indian origin called himself ‘Mike’ on the online dating app Tinder. After their friendship, the doctor called the woman for an appointment at a hotel in Sterling. Where the doctor raped the woman. According to the woman, the incident happened to her in 2018. Manish Gul should be prepared to pay the price for his mistake, says Forbes Wilson, a detective inspector with the Scotland Police Public Protection Unit. He said Gul’s conviction was a clear signal that all those found guilty of sexual offenses would be brought to justice.

For now, let me tell you that according to Dr. Manish Gul, a father of three living in Edinburgh, he did not use force. The physical relationship between the two was consensual. At the same time, the jury in the court found him guilty of sexual offense and sentenced him to death.

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