In the latest episode, BTS’ KV’s shirtless look is too hot for the army

The second episode of In The Soup Friendcation ended recently and one of the highlights was a shirtless snap of BTS’s Kim Taehyung aka V. For the uninitiated, IN THE SOOP Friendcation is a spin-off of the popular series IN THE SOOP and features the Wooga Squad consisting of Park Seojoon, V, Peakboy, and Park Hyung-Sik. The episode shows that the squad enjoys doing other things, including swimming. In one of these scenes, a shirtless V is seen peeking out of a swimming pool.

And it was enough to make the whole fandom weak in the knees. Ever since the episode was released, ARMYs took to Twitter to share pictures of V and comment on how hot he looks. One fan wrote, “Taehyung is so hot” while another wrote, “#KimTaehyung can you stop being so hot my life”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh this guy is driving me crazy, he’s killing me so much, how is it possible that a guy is the cutest and the hottest. OMG I’m dead,” another ARMY shared a collage of V’s photos. Wrote while doing.

Meanwhile, the series is backed by the HYBE label, the agency behind BTS and TXT. In 2020, BTS released the debut In The Soup. They spent a week together in the woods, bonding over food, music and more. The episodes took a closer look at each member and their relationships with each other. TXT also had an In The Soup series.

In The Soap: Friendcation will release episodes on a weekly basis. The OST is sung by BTS V and Park Hyung-sik. In India, the episodes will be available on Disney+ Hotstar.

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