In his 84th plate appearance for Baltimore, Orwell rookie Adele Rothschman hit his first home run of his career.

Orioles catcher Adele Ritsman has hit the first home run of his major league career. It was a two-run shot at the Blue Jays’ two-time All-Star Jose Bereos in the fourth inning on Wednesday night.

Rutschman was struggling here in the first month of his major league career, so he broke a slight smile when he was third, which turned into a complete smile as he crossed the house plate.

Wednesday was the 21st MLB game of Rutschman’s young career, and he walked the yard in his 84th plate appearance with Baltimore. In his first 20 games, he scored .176 / .256 / .257 (49 OPS +) in four doubles, one triple and eight runs. He had not yet submitted his RBI, so Homer also marked his first two in this column.

Nothing really came to this point from Rutschman that would affect anyone’s great abilities. If anything, his initial struggle is just another reminder of how difficult it is for minors to adjust to majors. Remember, even Mike Trout struggled in his first go round.

Rutschman, 24, was Orioles’ first overall pick in the 2019 draft out of Oregon state. He has hit well at every level where he has had a reasonable time. In 180 minor league games of his career, he is .281 / .390 / .487 hitter with 38 doubles, three triplets, 30 homers, 111 RBI and 117 runs.

He is expected to be one of the Orioles’ centerpieces and, he hopes, the next playoff team. Given the track record and skill set, we’ll consider Wednesday night’s Home Run as the first and foremost sign of things to come.