How to Use Instagram Marketing For Your Business

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There are about 180 million users of Instagram only in India. Out of these, around 58 million falls under the age bracket of 25-34 years. Imagine the amount of reach a business owner is missing out on if they are not using Instagram.

Like other social media platforms, Instagram also has evolved to make it more useful for marketers. At the same time, with each new update, Instagram becomes more engaging for the users.

Now the question is, how to leverage this platform with a broad user base for your business?

We have curated a list of features that you can explore to bring out the best with Instagram Marketing for your business.

Collaborate with other brands

Find the friends of your brands and collaborate with them. Collaboration benefits both brands as it doubles the reach of the posts. This way, brands can venture into something unique, making the audience curious, eager, and gathering eyeballs.

It has become a norm to take it on Instagram to announce brand collaborations. Such posts garner a relatively higher engagement rate. Brands use this platform to create hype by advertising flash sales or pre-bookings to an exclusive range on Instagram. Without forcing anyone to make a purchase, they tempt many people to buy their newly launched range of products.

Brands also reach out to influencers/content creators on Instagram based on their number of followers & engagement level. Brands segment influencers into Nano, Micro & Macro profiles.

Businesses pay these influencers for promoting their products on their handles. They leverage the loyal fan following of these influencers to increase the awareness of their products.

Create Insta-Videos

The users went gaga using #ReelKaroFeelKaro when Instagram launched the Reels feature. This launch also strategically took place when the Tik Tok ban was announced in India. The mammoth base of content creators on Tik Tok shifted to Instagram Reels, and the rest is history.

With the debut of a Remix feature, you can innovate your content by including the reel posted by someone else. Businesses can make use of this feature to engage in unique ways with their audience. Making “reaction remix reels” by the influencers are consumed by users like hotcakes.

Businesses can use reels to give out information about new products, show a tutorial, showcase their values, make an appeal, and many more ways to get closer to their users.

While Reels allows you to make content only for a couple of seconds, IGTV will enable you to post longer videos on Instagram. Content creators can easily create & edit these videos using and make them more engaging.

Switch to Instagram Business Account

If you’re running a page related to your business, the first thing you need to do is switch to a Business Profile on Instagram.

Switching to a business profile makes you privy to a set of unavailable features in your personal Instagram Profile.

If you’re a small business owner, you can use this platform to set up your shop. Unlike setting up an e-store which involves substantial investment in the website & hosting, you get to display your products in an integrated e-store on Instagram itself. Through this channel, potential consumers can scroll through the entire range of products your brand offers without going to a new website to view the products. They can directly connect with the business owners and make the purchase.

You get to view the insights of your posts in the form of a dashboard and monitor them accordingly. Also, you get to run paid promotions of your best-performing posts. Instagram allows you to set a target group that would be most suitable to your brand and promotes to that user base.

View the Analytics

To make it easy to track and monitor the performance, Instagram provides insights about your posts & other engagement activities (if you have an Instagram Business Account). It gives you insights as deep as people from which geography shows the maximum love to your posts.

Just like Facebook analytics, Instagram analytics are easy to comprehend. You can easily make sense out of the metrics and bar graphs.

You can analyze the performance of your campaigns and optimize them based on the performance. You can plan the time of your next post, type of content, the format of the position based on the engagement level of the past posts in your profile.

Create Instagram Filters

Brands use filters to do virtual activations. Users on Instagram practice “trying” these filters and “sharing” them with their followers. They also nominate, give a shout-out to their followers to replicate the same. Users go bonkers when brands come up with cool filters which lets them “try on” stuff.

PS5 launched its AR filter to place a brand new PS5 before it hit the shelves. At pre-launch, people tricked their followers by posting stories with a PS5 box kept on their tables.

More such filters became popular when many brands joined the bandwagon by launching their “Guess the Gibberish” challenge set. This trend spread like wildfire as people recorded their funny reactions while guessing the “gibberish.”

Make use of Hashtags.

If keywords are to Google Search, Hashtags are to Instagram. Users explore a new type of content by searching for popular hashtags on Instagram. Make use of websites that give you suggestions about which hashtags to use. The analytics section in your account also allows you to see how many unique users landed on your profile or post using a particular hashtag. Brands use hashtags to create user-generated content, create hype about virtual challenges, and set trends.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and try out these tips to make your business profile more Instagram-worthy!


Instagram has undoubtedly become the most active and coveted platform for marketers. You can make use of Instagram to literally do everything. Therefore, you should capitalise on the opportunity and make the most out of it. Instagram has the capability of boosting your business.

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