How to Clean and Maintain Your Aircon Unit With Chemical Wash

For most people who live in Singapore, an air-conditioner is a necessary part of living in the city-state. During the hot and humid months, ACs are a necessity for nearly every home. In fact, in some areas of Singapore, ACs are often a necessary evil, as many people suffer from allergies and illnesses triggered by the humid air. When your air conditioning unit needs cleaning, there are some basic steps that you can follow to ensure that you are getting the best possible service.

What are the steps?

Aircon chemical wash is a process through which the air conditioner’s inner components are restored to its original state. The process is critical for air consumption of the aircon because it helps in reducing the performance gap between an aircon in good condition and an aircon with poor quality. The process is done by an expert in aircon chemical wash to restore the cooling performance of the aircon. Air conditioning has been a standard requirement for almost every building and residential place in Singapore.

The cooling system has helped mankind to reduce the temperature in the place and give it a comfortable environment. The process of aircon chemical wash involves the cleaning of the inner components of the air conditioner. The cleaning process is done by special detergents that clean the inside parts of the air conditioner. The process is done to remove the mineral deposits, dirt, and other particles that are found on the internal surface of the air conditioner. The process is critical in the overall life cycle of the air conditioner.

Types of chemicals that are used in the chemical wash.

There are many different chemicals that are used in the chemical wash, and they all serve a different function. Some of them are the following:

Hydrochloric Acid: Also known as muriatic acid, hydrochloric acid is the most commonly used chemical in the chemical wash. It is used to remove rust, hard water deposits, and calcium deposits. Hydrochloric acid is very strong and is also used to dissolve concrete and asphalt. Peroxyacetic Acid: This chemical is often referred to as PAA, and it helps to remove stains that can only be removed by a chemical wash. It is also known to remove dirt, rust, and calcium deposits.

Lime: Lime is another chemical that is used in the chemical wash. It is used to remove mineral deposits from the pool that cannot be removed by the acid.

What are the disadvantages of not cleaning your aircon?

Many people don’t think about having their aircon units serviced regularly. However, a little investment in your aircon units can save you a lot in the long run on energy bills. A clogged aircon unit is one of the major causes of energy loss and lower performance. An aircon unit is comprised of several components including the condenser, evaporator, compressor, and expansion valve. If any of these components become clogged, your unit will not be able to perform at its optimum. This leads to your aircon unit running longer and at higher temperatures, which leads to a loss of energy and higher bills. And, of course, a longer running aircon unit can also cause damage to your home.