How to Check a Georgia Fake ID?


Just like other places, Fake IDs in Georgia are used by minors to get alcoholic drinks & beverages & financial scam. Commonly, Good tech is used to How to spot a Georgia fake ID to make forged IDs that are difficult to identify yet, some loopholes in the fake IDs known to the security enforcement agencies lead to its identification that it is not original.

Vulnerable points missed by Counterfeiters in Georgia

Following are some of the factors that usually get missed by counterfeiters & end up leaving a loophole in the ID.

  • UV Images
  • Ghost Images
  • Expiration
  • Correct numbering
  • Microprints

Initial Checks

This initial check is often carried out by security guards outside malls, offices etc., since it doesn’t require any great mechanism or training.

The Cardholders Physical Appearance

A pretty childish mistake noticed in these cards is that the physical appearance data sometimes doesn’t match the card holder, for example it would definitely be spotted if a 50 year old person has an ID with age 28 years.


An unimaginable number of spelling mistakes have been found in the forged IDs of Georgia. Even words like WGT, HGT, SEX are found to be spelled wrong in a large number of IDs.

Tampered IDs

Not all IDs used in Georgia are fake, but some are real & tampered to use them. Pictures are glued on the picture to use them but the thickness of the card tells the story of card tampering itself.


IDs of Georgia also have watermarks that are very difficult to counterfeit so it is mostly ignored while creating forged ID & it is even difficult to spot. Even officers out there have to get training to check these watermarks.

In Depth Checks

These checks are carried out when the ID is expected to be used in any criminal activity that may lead to a longer sentence to the card holder.

Material Check

The material in the real IDs is flexible & can be bent. When brought for in-depth checks, it is made sure that the material is like the one in original ones or not.

Georgia ID Holograms

The check is done when the ID holder is suspicious for some bigger crimes that may involve large transactions, corruption, money laundering etc. It  is impossible to recreate holograms but a detailed color technology is used by counterfeiters that reduces the risk of getting caught up to some percent.

Scannable Function

This is an easy-to-deal-with test if the card is made from a good counterfeiter. In these checks, cards are scanned through many scenarios & verification systems. It is a final test to figure out if the ID is original or not.

Since the use of Fake ID has risen in Georgia, the law enforcement agencies are busy in adoption of new techniques to combat this pain in their neck. They are also spreading awareness among the general public in this regard as they believe it to be effective too, in the hunt of these forged IDs.