Herman Miller Mirra 2 Ergonomic Chair Review 2021

Are you searching for the best Herman miller chair for your needs stick around to find out why the herman miller mirra 2 is currently our highest ranked Herman Miller office chair searching for a new office chair Budget gaming chair is your number one resource for everything office chairs. We've had the opportunity to bring in and test for different Herman Miller chairs Aeron the embody the chasm, and now the nearest to the herman miller mirra 2 two has received the highest score so far out of those four chairs with an 83 out of 100 and.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Price

It would actually place at number 3 on our list of the best officers for 2019 had we had a chance to see it before making that list. Even though it is the highest-ranked Herman Miller chair, we've had a chance to review it actually has the lowest price. Like the other herman miller, there is a lot of customization available on this chair, but it has the lowest starting price out of all of the chairs that we've tested so far.

If you go with the most basic version of the chair, it'll cost you $715, but if you get it fully loaded with all of the options available, it will be about $1240. we did show some upgrades, not all of them are cost was $959 and our test chair, and here is how we can figure.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Return Policies

I'll give you guys a quick run-through on Herman Miller Mirra 2 policies when it comes to returns warranty shipping installation. So if you buy them here too and you do not like it, you can return it within the first 30 days.

Herman Miller give you a full refund to also cover your return shipping costs. You don't have to hold on to the original box, although I would recommend it if you have to make a return it's going to make it quicker and more comfortable instead of having to get a box and from them the warranty on the Mirra 2 chair.

We just liked the aeron embody and chasm because I'm 1 of the best warranties out there 12 years of coverage on the entirety of the chair that's for people waiting up to 350 pounds, and it will apply to those 247 applications if you do need to use it in a call center or something like that.

They also have a service plan, so if repairs do need to be made, they can send a technician to you if you are close enough to a certified Herman Miller dealer. The mayor to ship to our location FedEx ground, so they were able to bring it right to our door, and that will be the same case with you if you're ordering one for 2 chairs. If you are ordering more, it may come free delivery,

so I would reach out to the seller to see how the plan should be your chair. When it arrives, it does come fully assembled, so archer all we had to do was cut off from the side of the box and make it out, and it was ready for use no time put into the assembly or installation process whatsoever.

Build Quality

The next area that we're going to focus on is going to be the build quality of the chairs. The Herman Miller mirra 2 ended up getting a score of 85 out of 100, which will be in the top end of scores that we've given to the officers we've tested thus far. The Mirra 2 to does a lot of things very well. It was designed by studio 7.5 out of Berlin, Germany. They're also the designers of the recently released chasm chair.

They put a lot of time and effort into designing every aspect of the Herman Miller mirra 2. This is not a chair that was simply put together with random parts off the shelf for a generically designed chair like a lot of lower end or commodity-based products. The chair is composed mainly of aluminum, and high-end plastic, which produces a pretty lightweight design chair that only weighs about 40 pounds, but it still feels really solid and really sturdy.

All the parts fit together nicely. There's no awkward when you're moving. Everything is consistent. Everything functions very smoothly, and this is to be expected out of Herman Miller chairs. All 4 of the chairs of we've had a chance to test so far a really high-end function very smoothly.

The elastomeric and polyester combination meshed featured on the seat it's going to be one of the better quality products that we've seen out of a mesh office chair. That's good elasticity, and it's pretty soft would compare to the other meshes that we have as a chance to test. It's not relatively as high quality as the 18 focal mesh on the Aeron, which is why we see a bit of a drop off in the build quality score between these two chairs but overall, it's still going to be an excellent quality meshed testing to over 200000 double ribs.

Scope of Users

There are two decent in our scope of users category with a score of 69 out of 100. This is a category that we use to evaluate how much of the population is specific to your model will fit the Mirra 2 the several things well.

 The first two things are going to be the seat height range in the seat depth adjustment, so the seat height range about 16 to 21 inches is going to cover that 50 to 90 fifth percentile in that seat depth range is also going to be an excellent fit for those of you that want to ensure that the seat is 1 to 2 inches behind the back of your legs which is correct for ergonomic posture.

 A couple of the things that you the chair does really well that has a high weight capacity 350 pounds maybe 100 pounds higher than a standard office chair which is 250 in this chair also has a phenomenal arm height range they go really low and really high which is great for short and tall people.

The one major drawback with the Herman Miller mirra 2 in regards to the scope of users is going to come with the with adjustment range on arms, so they're actually set pretty wide. They have a range of about 18.5 to 20.5 inches. We can compare that to 2 other really popular chairs, and they also embody by Herman Miller and Steelcase's leap.

 Both of those chairs have a range of about 12 inches up to about 20 inches, so you can see that they get much narrower than we have on the Mirra 2, which is excellent for shorter in petite people. So I can be a problem if your arms are angled outwards. It's not a tremendous ergonomic posture, so that's the one downside with this chair when it comes to school with users.

Seat comfort

Seat comfort is maybe the first of 3 categories where we include everyone in our office to come up with the score. We do that by letting everyone sit in the chair the score from one to 100 we take the average that's how we get the final number the Mirra 2 end up getting a 73 out of 100 for seat comfort, which is a pretty average score, not very surprising most mesh seats. We've tested people either really like them, or they really do not. It ends up getting you somewhere in the middle, so not too surprised that we got a 73 out of this chair.

The things that have to go for is the poll mesh designed. The mesh is very elastic. It really conforms to your body. It's breathable. It's going to be some of the softer mission we had a chance to test, so in terms of the match itself, it is going to be comfortable. It does kind of create the feeling like you're floating because you're just sitting on top of a service and not thinking into it like foam. It is a firmer sit, which is one of the reasons why a lot of people in our office did not like mesh seats because most of them are going to be a firmer sitting experience that is going to be the case with the Herman Miller mirra 2.

It also has a pretty pronounced frame, which is going to be the case with most mesh chairs. It's not going to be as noticeable as like Aeron, but it is still there, and if you lean too far in one direction, you can feel the frame. The adjustable seat depth in the frontcourt pulls down does help you to avoid the front frame if it's hitting the back of your legs, so that's another step up on the Aeron on, but overall, it does still have a pronounced frame that could be an issue for some people.

Back Support

Back support is maybe the second category where we include everyone's opinions in our office to get the final number, the Mirra 2 to end up getting a 75 out of 100. This is going to be slightly out of the top tier of chairs. I think it's going to be the top third, but in the lower portion of that, he does many things well, but it does have a couple of drawbacks.

So the design itself with the poly material in a large back design is very supportive. It supports your lower back all the way through the mid-upper back. Some people will support you all with your shoulders. The breathable design with the slits in it make sure that you're not hopping overheated while you're working in the material itself is going to be flexible so they can give you a more comprehensive range of motion for things like stretching and reaching that standard chair like the Aeron would offer.

The Mirra 2 also offers a really lovely lumbar support system if you choose to upgrade to that, which I would highly recommend we chose to do that on our model here you get an extensive height adjustment range so it can get really low and really high accommodating all short and tell people in several different positions for the same person it also has depth adjustment. The notes are individual to each side, so if you want to have more pressure on your right side, then you left. You can crank that went down a little bit more vice versa, so you really have a lot of control over where your back is being supported with that adjustable lumbar setup, which is why I would highly recommend it.

The one major complaint with the backrest on the Herman Miller Mirra 2 to that our office had it's the biggest reason why it didn't receive a top and score for back support is going to be the hard material when you go with the standard tri flex option now it is a flexible material it does allow you to move its brief will because of the holes in it.

But it's still going to be hard plastic. It's not always comfortable for some people to lean up against that for extended hours. I was actually one of those people I do not like the feeling of a hard-signed so opting for the butterfly option for the backrest would be nice for someone like me, someone who prefers a more padded experience because Herman Miller will infuse a layer of fabric with a backrest to give you a softer feel than just that hard plastic designs. So if you're someone like me and I would definitely recommend upgrading to the fighter flight back.

Armrest Comfort

Armrest comfort is the final category where we use the opinions of everyone office to come up with a final score Herman miller Mirra 2 to his arms were very well-liked at our office, going 79 out of 100, which puts it currently in the top 4 for the most comfortable arms that we have tested so what do the arms do nicely for starters there four-way adjustable height with depth and if they have it all of the ranges aside from the with a range which we talked about the scope of users are going to be very generous you can have a good height range good depth range, and they also tilt in and out.

So you can have a variety of different positions that you can put these arms in the arm pads themselves also have a very unique shape they are have powerful waterfall shaped front which really allows you to get closer to your keyboard closer to your desk without having to adjust the arms themselves or put yourself in an awkward posture.

And they do not smoke so much so that you do not have any service here to put your arms on the pads are large, and they do not start sloping until about the front third you still have plenty of room to put your arms and take advantage of the design of that slope.

Another reason why the arms were so well-liked at our office is because the pads themselves are very soft squishy, and comfortable they're very similar to the pads on the Aeron, just shaped differently. The padding is soft. It feels really nice to put your arm or elbow into. It has a nice cushion, so it's really comfortable for long hours. It also has a tough outer skin layer, so it's not a soft pad that is in jeopardy of being born out very quickly, so overall good quality arms are meant to last. They're comfortable. The one thing that really held back near to his arms and probably netting a top score it's going to be that arm with the just make. If they just had a more comprehensive range and gotten narrower, this would probably be the number one we've had a chance to test.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Ergonomic Adjustment

One of the biggest highlights of the Herman Miller is going to be its ergonomic adjustments. This is one of the highest-scoring chairs that we had a chance to test in this category, with a score of 87 out of 100. It was really only missing one adjustment that we look for on all ergonomic chairs, and that's going to be back height adjustment

aside from the adjust that adjustment it had the rest it had it had it just meant seat depth adjustment, four-way adjustable arms adjustable lumbar support tension adjustment, and three-position tilt lock on top of that when you upgrade to the told limiter mechanism with forwarding see till you get the bonus adjustment of having that for receipt told to just which allows you to tilt the seat more forward than typical office chair which is great for those fully operate tasking intense computing applications.

The chair has a lot of adjustments, but they also have excellent ranges aside from the arm with the just what range that we've already addressed a few times. The other adjustments do give you a good range the seat height range, the seat depth range, the lumber height adjustment range, and arm range. The three adjustments aside from the with all our very generous, which will allow many people to use the chair in a lot of different positions.

I'm also a big fan of the way that the chair tells when you recline the chair features the harmonic to tilt mechanism from Herman Miller Mirra 2. This is going to be a really unique feeling like most of the Herman Miller chairs we've tested. They just feel a bit different than any of the other office chairs.

When you recline, it's very smooth. It's very natural. It's straightforward to recline, and you will find yourself just kind of rocking back and forth almost for no reason, and that's because it is so easy to do. It's almost like a combination of a synchro-tilt with any tilt mechanism. It's very hard to describe, but it's one of the biggest highlights of Herman Miller chairs. It's one of my favorite aspects.

Environment Focus 

For those of you that care about the environment, Herman Miller mirra 2 also does a fantastic job of making chairs that have a very small footprint on our environment, so Mirra 2 is composed of over 90 percent recycled consumer and post-consumer content. It's also over 90 percent recyclable when you're done using a chair,

The box itself, and the packaging is 95 percent recyclable, and the entire chairs made in Herman Miller's greenhouse facility, which uses renewable electric energy. These chairs have also been certified with numerous standards, including 50 a level 3 cradle to cradle and green guard certified.