‘He was with me then, I miss my husband a lot’

Ketki Dev lost her husband, veteran actor Risk Dev on Friday. Rasek Dev was suffering from kidney disease and passed away at the age of 65. Now Ketki Dev has opened up about why people did not know that her husband had kidney problems and also that Also told how he encouraged them to keep working all the time.

Speaking to eTimes, Ketki Dave said, “Rask never wanted to talk about his illness. So, we never shared his deteriorating health with anyone. He was very He was a private person and believed everything would be fine. But, deep down, we knew somewhere that he wasn’t fine. In the last few days, he told me that I should always keep working. I needed a The play was to open and I told him that I was in no state of mind to work, but he kept saying that the show must go on and I must never stop working.

She continued and added, “Even when he was sick, he kept telling me that everything will be fine and that I should not lose hope. Today, I am handling everything bravely because he is with me at this time. I have family, my mother, my children, my mother-in-law and they all are my biggest support, but I miss my husband a lot.

Ketki recalled how she and Rusk met on the sets of a play in 1979 and revealed, “We instantly liked each other. As we worked together in plays and TV shows, We fell in love and got married in 1983. Rask was very down to earth, stable and someone who believed in living life to the fullest. He never messed with things. was and always encouraged me to face life’s ups and downs. Even if we had fights, they were healthy because we would work to resolve them. I can say that with Rask. They were happily married for 40 years because he was someone who believed that life should be lived well.

We hope she finds the strength to deal with this irreparable loss.

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