Gulshan Divya, the Dharsti Dhami starrer promises an interesting story. Watch

ZEE5 today released the trailer of its much awaited original series, Duranga. Directed by Pradeep Sarkar and Aizaz Khan, ‘Duranga’ is the official Indian adaptation of the Korean show ‘Flower of Evil’. Produced by Rose Audio Visual, the 9-part series stars Gulshan Divya, Drishti Dhami, Abhijeet Khandkekar, Barkha Sengupta, Rajesh Khattar, Divya Seth, Zakir Hussain and will premiere on August 19 on ZEE5.

Duranga – Two Colors of Lies unfolds a unique love story where Sumit Patel (played by Gulshan Divya) emerges as the ideal man, father and husband. However, is this guy too good to be true? Meanwhile, Sumit’s inspector wife, Ira (played by Drishti Dhami), begins investigating a series of bloody copycat murders by a suspected accomplice of a psychopathic serial killer, Bala, twenty years after his own suicide. The case leads Ira to shocking revelations about her husband’s past and threatens to destroy her seemingly perfect family. Duranga mainly deals with the topic of how well do you know your partner and how strong is your relationship despite a hidden, twisted past?

Drishti Dhami said, “I am a huge fan of Korean dramas, so when I was asked to be a part of the first adaptation of a Korean series for the Indian market, I couldn’t contain my excitement! What drew him in was his intriguing script, which is full of all the elements that make a great story – from an unconventional love story and a seemingly perfect family to a hidden, twisted path and a crime scene. Until the opening sequence, Duranga is it all!Also, this is my first time playing a cop so it was a dream role with a dream cast and crew.

Gulshan Divya said, “What meets the eye is not seen or is it? It’s summed up in one sentence, but I guess humans are much more complex and gray than one sentence can explain,” said Gulshan Divya. And Samit is delightfully complex and all kinds of gray. He loves his family deeply but has a past, which, if revealed, could alienate him from him, and so he has to leave his family. “You have to do whatever it takes to keep it together. It was a lot of fun and quite challenging for me to figure out and play seamlessly with both sides of the winding, the one you see and the other you don’t.” Let’s see.”

Director Pradeep Sarkar said, “When I heard the story, I quite liked the plot.” Gulshan Divya rocked the dual role of Sumit while Drishti Dhami on the other hand was really good as the housewife/super cop. As you get into the story, it flares the characters in different colors and every twist and turn is new. It keeps you on edge and you don’t realize how the episodes go by! I tried my best to keep the element of surprise while working with the camera with DOP Quais. The shades of the story are also represented by the camera. After Mardani I got a suspense thriller space to work again. Got Goldie’s full support to represent him in storytelling. I am sure the audience will connect with it in a big watch.

Director Aizaz Khan, who co-directed the show, said, β€œThe moment I was asked to do Flower of Evil, I jumped at it. It’s completely different from what I’ve done in the past and that’s what attracted me. Duranga is the interpretation of our show.

Duranga will premiere on 19 August 2022 exclusively on ZEE5.

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