‘Grandma and Grandpa’ are brewing beer at an Austrian retirement home

A group of Austrians are celebrating after their hipster beer has become the toast of Vienna’s old folks’ homes.

Pensioners started two years ago with their own “Grandma and Grandpa” beer, and it’s taken off so much that they’ve now branched out into a light lager called “Helmet und Helga”, the German word for light beer. Heels” is a phrase. .

Every Thursday morning, a group of about eight men and women gather at their retirement home in Vienna to brew 150 bottles, but the beers have been so successful they are having trouble keeping up with demand.

“We meet, talk about it (beer), make jokes about it, and so another day goes by – a good day,” Rupert Jacques, 87, told AFP.

“I like it a lot because it’s a little sweet.”

“I like to be busy, no matter what,” 88-year-old Ingeberg Zeller says of the label.

Although none of the pensioners had ever brewed before, the beers have become popular in the cafeterias of the 30 retirement homes in the Austrian capital.

Care workers help residents make wine at a home in Atzgersdorf on the outskirts of Vienna.

Christoph Gruber, who runs the project for home owners Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten-Wohnhaeuser (KWP), said the beers are based on an 1841 Viennese recipe and use only Austrian ingredients.

Ironically, the Bear Project was established to help residents maintain their motor skills and keep them mentally fit.
And residents and their beer fans can drink it.

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