Giants trolls Tommy Pham, backs Joke Pedersen wearing ‘Fantasy Football 101’ warm-up shirts

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The strangest story of the 2022 Major League Baseball season is a bitter feud between Tommy Fam of the Cincinnati Reds and Joe Pederson of the San Francisco Giants … fantasy football. The affair between the two came to light in May when Before the game between the Giants and the Reds, Pham slapped Pedersen in the face..

A few weeks after that fact, the giants formally stood up for Pedersen with the new T-shirts, mocking the issue, to which Pham expressed his displeasure. During the warm-up before the game against the Kansas City Royals, the Giants wore shirts describing a point in “Fantasy Football 101”, which stated that “hiding players on IR is not a hoax.”

The shirts in question highlighted the key point of Pham’s feud with Pedersen.

The two were in a paid fictional football league last season, with Pham accusing Pedersen of cheating when Pedersen put a player on the Ingrid reserve to replace him with a free agent. Pham also admitted that Pedersen had insulted his former teammate, San Diego Pedres, by using a meme in a text message group.

Although many have expressed delight at the feud between the two – and the giants have clearly taken it as an opportunity to give a clever answer – Pedersen has tried to distance himself from the issue and Has chosen to handle it.

“Violence is not the answer. As far as I’m concerned, it’s over.” Pedersen said in May. “I won’t talk to him. I don’t think he wants to talk to me. I don’t know. It was a weird conversation.”

The Giants are set to play the Reds three times later in June, starting on the 24th.