Get his first name Indian cyclist David Beckham, Ronaldo was spotted in Birmingham.

Although Indian cyclists David Beckham and Ronaldo didn’t light up the track with their performances in the men’s team sprint qualifying at the Le Valley Velodrome in London, their unique names created a stir and got them a lot of attention in this football game. – Crazy country.

Along with David Beckham, Ronaldo Singh and Y Rojeet Singh managed a timing of 44.7 to finish sixth just ahead of Jamaica. Australia topped the standings with a Games record effort of 42.222 as four teams advanced to the next stage.

Although his performance was good for the team from India, both David Beckham Elkathchungu and Ronaldo Lightonjam were in the spotlight due to their first names, it was always questioned if their names were real to resemble the footballers.

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When asked how he got his name, David Beckham told Games News Network that his father was a big fan of English footballer David Beckham and named him after him.

“It’s because my father was a professional street footballer. When I was in my mother’s womb, in the hospital, my father said ‘when the baby is born, it will be named David Beckham’.”

“I’m a big fan of David Beckham because he was a good player and my dad loved him and is a really big fan.”

Asked how he got his first name in England, he said, ‘When I got to the airport, the airport inspector said, ‘Is your name really David Beckham?’ He said ‘you’re lying you’re not David Beckham’. Then he saw my ID and my name was David Beckham,” he said with a laugh.

Ronaldo, named after the Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo de Asus Moreira, otherwise known as Ronaldinho, was also asked how he got his first name.

“My father was a really big football fan of the Brazilian Ronaldinho. When I was born in 2002, I think my father made a big bet on Ronaldo. He scored a goal and I just came out, and so my father named me Ronaldo,” he said.

Asked if his name has given him any confidence as a player, he said, “Of course. Ronaldinho and Ronaldo are champions. I’m lucky to have these names and to be champions.” I am walking on the path.

On the competition front, both David Beckham and Ronaldo said the pace of the race was too much for the two first-timers.

“It was amazing, it was my first race at the elite level. I’m very happy and I gave it my best. I work hard, I focus on my dream and I’m moving forward. I I want to be a great cyclist,” said David Beckham.

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Ronaldo said he couldn’t perform at his best because a rider fell ill. This is my first race in the senior category. I was a junior before that in 2020 and then I won the (junior) world championship and it was really amazing. After that, this is my big phase right now. But one of the riders got sick so we couldn’t perform at our best.

He said he had lived in Europe for a long time and had done many races with these riders so was not nervous.

“I’ve been in Europe for a long time and I’ve had a lot of races with these riders. I feel really confident so let’s see what I can do in the next few days,” he said.

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