Germany v Italy: Die Manshaft could be real threat to World Cup, Azuri needs patience to rebuild

Italy missed a chance at Borussia Park in Mچnchengladbach on Tuesday night as Germany beat Azure 5-2 in a UEFA Nations League game.

The Italian team did not look to lose the first three, but as soon as the opening goal was scored, Roberto Mancini’s side fell. Germany were dominant in all areas of the pitch, especially in defense if they did not recognize the visitors much. Joshua Kimich scored in the 10th minute and a penalty by Lkay Gündoğan in the final moments of the first half gave the Germans a comfortable 2-0 lead at halftime, and they did not look back.

Italy saw an attack early in the second half, but then it was all Germany, with Thomas Mرller’s goal and Chelsea striker Timo Werner’s two-minute tie. Italy’s 18-year-old rising star Wolfred Gonoto scored his first goal with Azure and became the youngest goal scorer in the history of the Italian national team. Alessandro Bastoni’s last-minute header cut the deficit to three before the final whistle blew.

As things stand, Hungary has taken the lead in the group (7 points) after beating England 4-0, while Germany (6 points) has overtaken Italy. Italy (5 points) and England (2 points) are at the bottom.

Germany is back on track.

After three consecutive draws, Germany finally managed their first victory against Italy in the group stage of the UEFA Nations League and showed some good improvement. With the return of new Real Madrid player Tony Rodiger, the defensive line was incredibly solid. Italy did little to get a breakthrough in the first half, but Hansi Falak’s defense was particularly strong and improved over the last three matches. Hoffenheim left-hander David Raum did another great job and was definitely one of the best players ever during Flick’s reign.

It is no coincidence that two goals in the first half came from two midfielders: Gundogan and Kimich. The two really fit together and they have no choice but to play Falak on a regular basis – not only because of their experience, but also because they combine defense with a striker. Overall, while the first three matches of this group stage had some negative aspects which raised some doubts about this side, this match against Italy showed that Germany is still in the 2022 World Cup. Is one of the monitoring teams.

Italy’s new era needs more time.

After failing to qualify for the World Cup, Mancini has started a new cycle. There are many signs that this cycle is still in its infancy. The Italian strategy is looking to add some new faces to the squad, especially the young prospects who are also struggling to find a place in Serie A.

It all starts with Gnonto, who received early approval on Tuesday after solid performances off the bench in previous games. He lived up to Mancini’s conscience and in the process managed to score his first international career goal at the senior level, breaking the record for the youngest goal scorer in the history of the program. Gnonto (born 2003) has decided to leave Inter Milan’s youth team to join Zurich, where he played last season. He gambled on himself and as a result he is now in talks with several Bundesliga and Serie A clubs. Mancini was brave enough to consider him for the national team, along with other young players such as Giorgio Scalvini of Atlanta and Giacomo Raspadori of Sassuolo.

At the same time, the 5-2 defeat showed that this was not enough to guarantee an immediate winning future for Italy. Definitely these players need more time, patience and more play in their legs. It’s a long-term project that could test Azure fans’ patience, especially after failing to qualify for two consecutive World Cups. Mansini needs to make some real reforms in the short term.