Gaming Chair vs Office Chair Reviews 2021

office vs gaming chair
Are you looking for a new chair for your home office and thinking about getting a gaming chair over a standard office chair and stick around in this article? I'm going to compare standard office chairs with gaming chairs that you can easily decide which one is best for you. Gaming chairs are still growing rapidly in popularity, and because of this, there are a ton of brands out there selling various styles of gaming chairs.

The most popular style by far remains to be the racing style gaming chair like you can see to my right in this article.  We're going to focus specifically on the racing style gaming chair ergonomic and how they compare to standard office chairs so you can know the difference and decide which the best fit is for you.


The first category that was to take a look at is going to be the pricing of gaming chairs versus office racing seat office chair. Now when we look at the way that these chairs are designed best office chair for gaming are typically designed more so with the functionality of the chair in mind providing good support lasting a long time having good adjustability, and then aesthetics are kind of an afterthought the chair is meant to look good they want to do that decided to be attractive,

but the function is going to be more important the flip is going to be true for gaming chairs were a lot of the focus is put on the way the chairs looks with different colors stitching logo's pillows things that make the chair look fancy and make it look custom for different setups that people are trying to make for their home office.

It's important to understand that when looking at all these chairs, all these options are $400 or less, but for $400, you're going to be getting a higher-end gaming chair in the spectrum of gaming chairs. But when we look at an office chair for $400, that's probably going to be considered more of mid-sized mid-market options. Still, even a $400 mid-market gaming chair or office chair is going to have more functionality, typically a better warranty, better adjustments in the high-end gaming chair.

So you're going to be sacrificing some value in some key areas to go with an equally priced gaming chair now, we'll get into those specifics more hearing the video with things like adjustments the look of the chair, but this is an excellent concept to consider that you will be sacrificing some functionality to get the looks and the aesthetics of the gaming chair if you're going to be paying equal money.

Bucket Vs Standard

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The next character that we're going to take a look at is going to be the bucket seat on racing style gaming chairs again standard seats on office chairs now the most significant difference here is going to be the way that the seats make you feel when you're sitting in the chair a bucket seat is designed like a car seat it makes you feel like you were sitting in the chair.

The chairs are holding you it's surrounding you and hugging you compared to an office chair, which will give you a little bit more freedom, more freedom of movement. It's not going to hold you in one place, so depending on how you like to sit and how you like your chair to feel is going to dictate which style is best for you.

Now there are going to be a couple of downsides with the racing seat design, especially with the side bolsters because they do not allow a lot of freedom of movement. Do you like to cross your legs? That can be a problem if you're a little bit too wide for the chair. That can be a problem because they're uncomfortable against your hips, so they're definitely designed for slimmer, smaller build types compared to an office chair, which will allow for a much more comprehensive range of people to use the seat comfortably.

Overall Look

Gaming Chairs vs. Office Chairs
The look of a gaming chair is probably one of the biggest reasons why you would choose to go the gaming chair route over a standard office chair now the most significant differences obviously are going to come with a different color combination multiple colors on one chair you can get colors that we typically don't see on standard office chairs they also have cool stitching with op opposing colors to customize your chair to fit whatever set up you're trying to create at your home office.

Now it's important to consider that all of these factors will have an effect on the price that you're paying. Hence, as we talked about earlier, if you choose to go the route of getting some fancy stitching multiple colors a logo designed in the headrest, then you are going to be paying for that. You're going to be getting a little bit less functionality if you're paying the same price for an office chair because you're not getting those things on an office chair, and that money has been put into the functionality of the chair.

The tradeoff is that you can't get these things on a standard office chair, so if you want to support your favorite team are you want to have a super custom chair that fits only your set up in the gaming chair road is probably going to be a good option for you.

Reclining Function

The backrest recline is going to be another area where gaming chairs typically differ a lot more from standard office chair, so I've got the IO chair here to my left, and I specifically chose the I will because this chair has one of the largest recline ranges out of all of the standard office chairs that we've tested I haven't maxed out at recline and you can see that it doesn't even come close to reclining as much as the GT racing,

racing style gaming chair here now most recent dell gaming chairs are capable of doing this you can recline all the way back basically parallel with the ground this isn't going to be a function that we see on officers because it's not very practical because there's not going to be a lot of time where you're going to be relaxing that much or laying down that much in an office setting where that function would be needed

So the money from that function is put into other areas for a gaming chair. This might be useful for those of you that really like to kick back, lay all the way down, and watch a movie watch a stream, whatever you like to do in your home set up. This is a function, and many people do like in gaming chairs that you're not going to find in a standard office chair.

Warranty Policy

The next big differentiator between gaming chairs and office chairs it's going to be the warranty coverage that you receive on these two different styles of seating. When we look at gaming chairs, almost all of the brands will have 2 to 3 year coverage periods. This is going to be right for the Secretlab chair that we have. Here is a three-year warranty covers the entirety of the chair.

When we compare that warranty to equally price chairs in the office chair seating sector from Eurotech, these chairs are also priced just under $400. You will receive a limited lifetime warranty with five years of coverage on the foam and fabric with these models. So that you can see thank you for the money you're going to get a lot more coverage with the standard office chair, which is going to guarantee a longer lifespan on your chair, it's going to be bringing that career costs down for your overall investment.

Ergonomic Adjustment

gaming vs office chair
The next category that really takes a look at is how the adjustability of the gaming chair compares the adjustability of a standard office chair. Again, we've got similarly priced chairs here. The most significant difference that we're going to see right out of the chute is the mechanism chosen by most gaming chairs most gaming chairs go with the swivel tilt, or some higher-end models like the secret lab will go with the knee tilt mechanism.

These are going to be lower, and mechanisms in the grand scheme of how chairs recline they are not going to provide the most ergonomic position like we see with the single tilt mechanism on the vera or weigh sensitive mechanism on the elevate chair here.

So equally priced chairs you're going to be able to get better mechanisms better recline motions and a little bit more ergonomics well you're free-flowing in the chair on a standard office chair for the same price this is also going to apply when we look at other adjustments on the chair so the GT racing chair here just height adjustable arms the secret lab chair here has 2 or 3 way arms depending on which model that you go with we compare that to like the Vera here it does have 4 way adjustable arms with more extensive ranges,

So again a little bit more functionality out of the standard office chair and a standard office chair is also going to give you functions that you're simply not going to be able to find on gaming chairs things like forward seat tilt-sliding seat mechanisms independent backrest angle adjustment are all going to be things that you're going to find on standard office chairs ranging from every price imaginable you're not able to find those types of things on most game chairs.

Lumbar Support

The lumbar support on a standard office chair compared to that on a gaming chair can be another area where we see quite a big difference. Almost all racing style gaming chairs have adopted this system to go with a completely flat backrest with some type of pillow support option. Sometimes it's on straps like the GT racing chair here sometimes, it does not have straps, and it's just free to go wherever you like to place it like the secret lab chair here.

Now, in my opinion, these are not very good lumbar support systems. The pillows compressed very easily. The strap systems usually do not keep them in place. Overall they do not provide a ton of support, and Stephanie to be one of the most significant downsides with gaming chairs, especially when we look at standard office chairs and what you can get in a standard office chair, so if we look at the Vera again the same chair we've been comparing secret lab to for most of this articles it doesn't have any type of adjustable lumbar support you can adjust the height or the depth.

But it has a much better support than the secret lab chair testing is one of the most comfortable backs from everyone in our office, and that's because it just has a really nicely designed curve and excellent quality mesh to support you and hold you in place and give you that support that you need if you like to have some type of adjustment maybe like the idea of being able to move the pull-up and down.

Still, you want something a little bit more high quality, and you can certainly find that in any office chair from any price range. Suppose you want height adjustment and depth adjustment. In that case, the leap is an excellent example of a height-adjustable ended up the just pulled lumbar support system, so standard office chairs are only can provide a lot better range of options to choose from and better support when you do end up choosing an option.


Gaming chairs have been out for quite a while now. Still, they continue to gain in popularity opponents of gaming chairs will typically cite them as being not as functional. You're paying for weird stitching and weird logo's that could go into other areas not as good warranties all of the same things that we've heard these opponents are typically right.

Still, the simple fact of the matter is that gaming chairs offer things that standard office chairs cannot provide, and that is the look. The way that they make you feel when you get that chair in your specific set up when you're playing your game, you can't get multi-toned colors with custom logo is and all the fancy things that you can get on a gaming chair with a standard office chair.

There are a lot of things that we buy in life for the looks over functionality chairs can be in that category as well if you love the way that the gaming chair looks. You don't care so much about having four-way adjustable arms for a fancy lumbar support in gaming chairs can be an excellent option for you. Still, if you're looking for the best bang for your Buck, I would recommend going with the standard office chair route, and that's going to conclude our gaming chairs versus office chairs comparison.