Gabriel Jesus to Arsenal: Michael Artita wins most important signing of £ 45 million deal with Man City

For the first time in almost three years Weapons The manager, Michael Arteta, has signed Center Forward. He didn’t have to look far to find what he was looking for in order to return to his former club. Manchester CityWhere he was Pep Guardiola’s assistant manager, to sign Gabriel Jesus to a £ 45 million contract.

Brazil International has signed a five-year deal at the Emirates Stadium and he is the No. 9 shirt. He is, by all accounts, Arsenal’s man. It may have been desired elsewhere, but Artita and Edo worked long distances to complete the covenant, first taking advantage of the possibility of bringing Jesus out of the city early in the new year.

“We talked a couple of times about the club, the players, the project and the future,” Jesus said after signing. “I have 100% faith in Michael. I’ve had a great time with him before. He’s a great guy and a great coach.

“It simply came to our notice then. [at Manchester City]. We would always be together after the training session and do some finishing or something. He is a very intelligent man and an amazing player, so if he knows something he can teach me or the young players. “

Artita seems to be playing safely what he knows … and to some extent he is. Jesus is a well-known item, but the weapons were implemented after what Scouts and agents called CBS Sports one of the largest scouting operations in Europe. The process, which began a year ago and lasted until the final games of the 2021-22 season, involved personal scouting and background checks on a range of targets, including Victor O’Sullivan, Alexander Isaac. And Dosan Wilhowich. The Serbian was the one who came closest to persuading the Gunners to look elsewhere, although for all that was said in the January window bid, Arsenal had concluded that the current Fiorentina striker would be 2022. They didn’t want to go around.

There was no such problem with Jesus. The 25-year-old Premier League champion had a clear vision of what role he would play in north London. Even the most cursory look at the roster after Pierre-Emerick allowed Obamayang to leave for no reason showed that Jesus could be assured of a regular game time.

With the World Cup on the horizon and in the middle, none of Tight’s options seemed to be locked in for a position in Qatar, with Arsenal holding a guaranteed minute trump card in Europe’s most competitive league. It has been some time since Jesus came to them. Earling Holland It was going to make it even harder.

At Arsenal, the acting role is there. The new striker is a transfer that has been hovering over Arsenal for more than a year, a lost part of an ambitious and costly reconstruction. Without this player, Artita would freely admit that he has a significant hamstring side.

“He puts the ball in the net, it’s number one,” he said in March when asked what his top priorities are in any future. “Goal risk. Any successful team needs a substantial goal threat in the squad. Without it, you have nothing. You can play good football, but you need a substantial goal risk in the team. Is.”

Jesus’ coming may have goals, but it will also bring questions to his new manager. What Artita has shown, his ability to make a mark on Arsenal’s culture, mobilize the dressing rooms and prepare young players, has been one of the biggest challenges he has faced with his center forward. The Gunners have been the big scoring team since Christmas 2019 when they appointed their rookie head coach, in a period where Manchester City averaged 2.4, scoring one and a half league goals per game. Liverpool 2.1, Manchester United And Chelsea Both 1.8. His scoring return is the eighth best in 96 games, a Premier League victory he has built around a massively tough defense.

In 2021-22, Artita’s Arsenal showed they could create more opportunities and score more goals, but they weren’t coming from the Marquee Center forwards with whom they started the season, both worth it. There was a little more that the club paid for Jesus. Both Perry Emerick Obamayang (22 non-penalty goals) and Alexander Lacazette (17 non-penalty goals) struggled to find the net throughout the Artita era. Whether the former, one of the deadliest strikers in the English game when Anne Emery was fired, fell off a cliff because his position was constantly changed by his new manager or because He was discouraged after signing his big new contract, depending on which camp you ask.

As far as Lacazette is concerned, the answer is obvious. The Frenchman, who was transferred to Obamayang by a frightened Arsenal half-season before being signed as the club’s marquee striker, spent so much time trying to facilitate partnerships with those around him that his By the end of the day, he seemed unable to do so. Take more shots in the box. Is the Gunners’ frontline work up to the construction of a sub-par squad (which anyone can add) Nicholas Pepe.Liverpool-aping triumvirate has a weird fit that has never been more effective on the body than it was on paper), the players themselves, Artita’s management or a combination of the three, the center forwards were clearly not working last season. This was very clear on the last day of the season when Eddie Naktia Became the highest scoring striker in the campaign. He was caught five times.

The youngster at least showed signs that he could do whatever Artita wanted from his strikers. He should be able to help the ball win back, engaging himself in the construction game as Lacazette did but only in his best years as an offer to attack the penalty area with Aubameyang’s accuracy. ۔

Jesus certainly promises to be. In the 2020-21 season, when he played mostly as a center forward for Guardiola, the Brazilian ranked in the 99th percentile of strikers for progressive passes obtained according to the FBRF, while 90 per minute. I also had an average of 0.15 expected support. the best [striker] In the world, “winning the ball back, according to his current manager at City, can do a lot with him when he wins the ball back.

Then there are the shots. Since the start of the 2017-18 season, only two players – Sergio Aguero and Cristiano Ronaldo – have scored more goals (xG) per 90 Premier League minutes than Jesus 0.66. Discounts last season, when he played more frequently as a winger, and the number reached 0.7. It is in the top 10 in the region of Europe.

One could say that he is definitely at the top of the XG with Manchester City’s supply line behind him. And one would also note that unlike Aguero, Erling Haaland or Robert Lewandowski, he does not exceed the quality of his shots. In layman’s terms, a good striker is usually one who has a lot of shooting opportunities and performs on par with them. Slightly better performance can be expected from their XG. In the last five Premier League seasons, Jesus has scored 49 non-penalty goals out of approximately 60 non-penalty xG.

There are plenty of Mrs. Setters in her resume but many of them come only from the natural penalty box skills that Jesus shows in abundance. For example, this flawless show of control with his back to scoring in the winner against Chelsea earlier this season (another example of perhaps even more impressive pace against West Ham after the campaign) Is).

He scored the second of four goals against him. Watford The 5-1 win last season showed the features of Jesus’ off the ball. The run itself is not significant, but its timing is considered to be T. As soon as the ball goes. Kevin de Bruyne On the right side of the city, Samir, who is visiting the center back, is staring straight at Jesus, who seems to be in no danger. Then the moment Rahim Sterling runs through the eyes of the Watford defense, the Brazilian makes his move, revolving around his back. Christian Caballe And in space.

Jesus uses Sterling’s race to find his place on the crowded edge of Watford’s penalty area

Wyscout / 3Max

Two seconds later, the house is shaking the cross of De Bruyne, who found a valuable suture to attack himself.

Jesus has plenty of room among Watford’s guards to head into De Bruyne’s cross.

Wyscout / 3Max

How often will Arsenal create such opportunities for him? They improved as a creative force in the second half of last season and are full of creativity, nowhere near the ranks of superstars with whom City have to feed their forwards. With the club and the country, Jesus is seen only through the paradigm he presents when he is played with some of the best players in the world.

Jesus may have been numbered. 9 shirts, but when paired with the likes of De Bruyne, Sterling and Neymar, the spotlight is not as bright as it used to be. He never had to be a star, a player with hopes and hopes on his shoulders. Which is changing now.

This is the player that the Emirates Stadium has been waiting for, which has been under construction for three years by the Artita Project. No more cogs, they are jewels in the crown of arms. It can make it. It can break it.