Former Ranger Sean Avery scooter in court after being hit by a car

Former New York Rangers Hothead Sean Avery will appear in court in Manhattan on Wednesday morning to begin his trial. He allegedly used a scooter to hit the car. Who was blocking the motorcycle lane a few years ago.

The disgusting player, 42, was charged with criminal mischief in the 2019 incident – and the case has been dragging on ever since.

Avery, who retired from the NHL in 2012, originally said he was going to represent himself in court – against the judge’s advice – but has since hired criminal defense lawyer Jason Goldman.

Goldman, a former Brooklyn prosecutor, asked why the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office did not drop the lawsuit against its star client, telling The Post: “The focus should be on tackling violent crime in our city. “

Goldman said in a statement Tuesday, “Instead, because of my client’s name, the district attorney’s office is wasting unnecessary resources to prosecute an individual whose case There is no criminal record, “Goldman said in a statement on Tuesday.

“If I needed to be a poster boy to defend Bike Lane, I would do it,” Avery told The Post in 2019.
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The prosecution has offered Avery a series of petitions deals, but he has chosen not to take them, instead going to trial.

The case will be a bench trial, meaning it will be decided by a judge, not a jury. If convicted, Avery, who now lives in California, could face up to three months in prison.

Avery – Strict Bike Lane Defender – is accused of hitting the driver’s side door of a car with his scooter on East Eighth Street and Broadway in Greenwich Village on February 23, 2019.

“If I needed to be a poster boy to defend Bike Lane, I would do it,” he said. Post after appearing in court in June 2019. “We just need to be able to ride a motorcycle in freedom.”

The car he allegedly hit belonged to venture capitalist Jonathan Schulhoff, according to The Post’s review of court documents.

According to an informed source, Schulhof’s wife Kimberly Crowe, who is the daughter of property owner and billionaire Henry Krauss, was in the car at the time of the incident.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

“I have no comment. Good night,” Kravis said, arriving via The Post on Tuesday for comment.

At the time of the alleged incident, Avery was often known for arguing with drivers blocking a motorcycle lane and then posting Instagram videos of the altercation.

The controversial former forward was arrested in 2015 on charges of throwing stones at cars a few days before his wedding to model Hillary Roda.

Avery was with the New York Rangers for half of his 10-year NHL career before hanging the skates.