Ficmax Gaming Chair Reviews 2021

So in the box, you will find a card and that will include the instructions on how to set up the chair is very straightforward. It takes less than 15 minutes, and it will give you all the tools necessary, and I have to do is follow this step by step here. So starting off is the chair armrests their standard like the staples Vartan gaming chair it's very sturdy, and they're very accountable to restaurants on for a long time.

ficmax gaming chair

It's possible to observe in a seat, and it isn't just any seat but a ficmax gaming chair. Therefore I first got it out of Amazon out of the company called kick-backs; you find throughout the seat, simple layouts throughout the game every year. Hence, it looks different than you know, regular office surely maybe for real cheap this ficmax gaming chair usually range from about $180 to $200 on so it's a mid-sized gaming chair maybe not overly pricey but not expensive I don't understand they developed the look, however, you know that it only looks cool it looks more relaxed than the normal office chair and ficmax gaming chair specifically they have I think like 4 or 5 different colored chairs like red and black and purple colors.

Therefore let us first you-know to observe what included the chair and put into the features accordingly. Everything was included with all in the chair, therefore consistently taking with some instruction. It can require several tools, however, it includes the tools you need, therefore on account of the hex wrench, an Allen wrench, and only a bit of screwdriver to perform whatever we all desire takes probably 15 to 20 minutes to place this up, isn't overly tough twist at the back and put at the base onto the wheels therefore maybe not overly difficult comes guidelines after which additionally will come with a one year warranty.

About this thing, well I was looking for a better quality chair for my computer. I'm on my laptop a lot. The chair was using was just a cheap one from Ikea wasn't very comfortable. I've done a lot of research online when I read it looked around. Many people were recommending this ficmax gaming chair. They said that they're excellent quality the good comfortable ergonomics. They're not an absolute fortune like some of these costly HOMALL chairs are still case shares the costs you know 800 to $1000 these are less money so I thought I'd check it out and I guess if you know the short version of this review, I really like this chair, and I highly recommend it.


The ficmax gaming chair racing style gaming chair this ergonomic chair perfect for those who need simulating messages while gaming. The massage function work is incorporated with lumbar support, which helps relax your shoulders. The gaming chair was created with a wide seat pillow and high-density foam, which means it is more comfortable. One other fantastic feature that users enjoy is its own 90 to 180 level backward tilt to have an ideal rest throughout long working sessions.

The ficmax gaming chair also offers flexible height armrests, retractable footrest, soft headrest cushion to provide maximum relaxation complete, and the ficmax gaming chair includes each of those critical characteristics that make a great gaming chair.

The ficmax gaming chair's size was perfect enough for my body shape (57" "155lbs); no problem with the fabric transportation wise, but we'll see how it will go throughout the next couple of months in terms of usage. This is the more expensive chair, and I like this back one since I can rest my head on the back—there also plenty of cushion on the back and the seat. The angle is adjustable. This feature is excellent. You can even sleep in this chair.

Those are two key features, and it starts getting different, so on the bottom, you'll be able to see we got these two metal poles are here easily. Plus you the following and this little black rectangular thing, so you pull this out and swing it up and a leg wrist, therefore instead of having an Ottoman sitting right here for you personally rest your feet or leg on you have your retractable leg remainder for this purpose, and gaming chairs had this particular features. Still, I started using it, so that I grabbed off a leg rests onto the footrest because it is enough to rest your feet, putting a no holds up your legs, that is usually good enough, but should you want to rest your feet on you can sort of move criss-cross applesauce kind of style. 

Build Quality

ficmax gaming chair

But it has perfect foam, a lot of thick foam on the bottom also, which is nice because it's not going to crush in overtime it's very thick foam on the bottom it's rated up to 300 pounds, so yeah, really good sure it does have a fold-out. Like it pulls out from the bottom, it's like a footrest. So you can recline fully backward on this thing, but the thing out, and like to have some disease if you can lay flat on it. I don't use it for that. It's mostly just for comfort, but I can do like a 10 or 12-hour session on the computer and feel a lot less fatigue even ended with my old chair, so for the money, in my opinion, it's fantastic.


ficmax gaming chair footrest

This chair feels well-constructed and is quite comfy. The cushioning is excellent, and the build is sturdy. I am also a heavy Xbox gamer. This chair allows me to be comfortable for both long working and gaming sessions. It also looks pretty cool.

I'm a bigger guy, pretty tall, and I'm also about 235 pounds, and this ficmax gaming chair is super comfortable. It's made of fake leather; of course, you're not going to get a real leather chair for this price, but it's an excellent quality faux leather. It's comfortable. It's soft yet durable at the same time, but backside the best part of this ficmax gaming chair is just the ergonomics, and how comfortable it is you can sit in it for a long time and Be comfortable you don't I don't get the fatigue that I used to get anymore. Still, I used to have with like of other chairs one nice thing about this too is it does have two removable and lumbar support pillows.


Another one is like a neck pillow, which I don't use, but you could use it is adjustable it kind of has the look of like one of those fast and the furious type chairs for your car. But aside from kind of a weird look to it is a very comfortable chair, very heavy duty made to like it doesn't feel like it's cheap like it's going to break everything's solid on it doesn't feel like loose or anything like that the back can be adjusted like lean back or lean forward just like a car seat kind of it feels kind of like a big comfortable car seat if that makes sense.

Reclining Function

Next is the reclining but rest or leg rest and all it does is side out from under the chairs as you see here, and you flip it up, and overall it is very comfortable to rest, especially when you recline the chair back. So as you see here they're reclining feature can bring it to a full 180-degree position and it is very comfortable to lay down, and you will not get back fall over. Now it has some power when you are reclining it back into position, so usually, when you're sitting in won't be too bad.

Headrest Functionality

The headrest and in the backrest are all snapped on bites the clip now you can hook that anywhere you want on the chair, but mainly that's where you'll find it is very easy to remove it. They're all very high-quality leather. This is not real leather like most chairs. It is not, but it is very high quality compared to the chair I have now. It is supported USB, and that you can switch to turn on the massage in the backrest very straightforward.

So down at the bottom here which I currently was not sitting on the chair but you sit down that's where you can go up and down in the chair right now is that the highest position. So now you're looking at the edges of the chair, it's very nice.  Down below is the cool custom wheels, so it is kind of the style of like a racer car style chair. It is basically a gaming racing chair. That's what they call it, and it's very heavy duty. The chair can hold up to 300 pounds and so is very heavy duty, and I recommend it for anyone if you are on the taller side is really good too. So this is what the chair looks like without a headrest, and without the backrest, it's very clean and slim.

Specification of ficmax gaming chair

Color: black
Product size (backrest): 19.8 by 26.5 inches
Product size (backrest): 19.8 by 19 inches
Load Capacity: 280lbs
Seat height: 15.2 inch to 18.3 inches
Packaging size: 30 by 13 by 23


  • Movable armrests, tilt and length
  • Lifetime and short guarantee.
  • Adjustable massaging and headrest lumbar pillows
  • Comes in multiple different fashionable colors.
  • Constructed from a flexible, also durable PU leather material


  • Sounding pillow not as high as it could be
  • Sometimes shades vary over time.
  • Not a famous brand of gaming chairs.
  • Quis nostrud exercitation


That's all about the ficmax gaming Chair discussion so far. Acknowledging the above-said features, we confidently can recommend you grab the Ficmax gaming chair that has a simple availability in the market. The chair is the right and smart choice for the best investment of your business.

While moving with this whole package of comfort, design, and feature set, you'll be wrapped up by honest customer care support. So, you're all determined to spend hours in front of your PC with this smart gaming chair.

Frequently Ask Question

Q1) Are ficmax gaming chairs good for your back?

Maybe, it is cleared by immediately that gaming chairs are great for your back.  Whether you manage for several minutes or more extended periods, gaming chairs provide back support and also straighten your posture. Gaming Chairs brace your core muscles, making you feel extra energetic.

Q2) Should I buy a office chair or gaming chair?

In a short period of time, a standard office chair is more convenient than a gaming chair. This is because most department chairs are plan, well-known to some people, and simple to use. Dashing style gaming seat can be very hard — at first. Relaxing with full back support requires time to get used to it.

Q3) Are gaming chairs overrated?

Yes, they are overestimated as almost everything marked for gamers or gaming.

Q5 What is the average price of a gaming chair?

Between $200 and $400, the best gaming chairs run between $200 and $400. But, depending on the characteristics you require and the quality, you can find gaming chairs for below $100, or if you need an excellent build quality and more functions, you will discover chairs that cost higher than $500