Best Ewin Gaming Chair Reviews 2021

ewin gaming chair

Its ewin gaming chair champion series all-black leather racing chair. If you are new in the market to looking for a new modern chair, check this review out. It'll assist you in determining if this something you're involved in or not. This is the honest-to-god level review of my feelings on this ewin gaming chair. I consumed my hard-earned money on this chair. I did get a discount from e-win on this chair.

Let's start with the set up I've put together a lot of office chairs in my day, and I have to admit the racing style chairs are pretty straightforward and easy. The directions were a little odd, flowing from left to right then right to left. If you notice, the arrows on the directions are not that big a deal, but it's something that's easily overlooked if you actually use the directions.

Build Quality


On a side note, the ewin gaming chair came with a pair of white gloves to help keep your hands safe and protected, and clean during the setup. The features of the look of the chair are incredible. The all-black and diamond-shaped-pattern on the rear of the seat are one of the most important reasons I bought this ewin gaming chair. The all-black and diamond pattern on the back of the seat is one of the most important reasons I bought this chair.

The seat stitching is good. All the seams look symmetrical. The seat stitching lines are perfectly in line with the back, but all in all, you have to be pretty NIT picky to complain about the very small misalignment where the seat cushions meet the back. It's something I would expect and tolerate from any racing chair company. The lather has a solid memory foam feel to it. It is not as soft as I expected it to be, but I still feel really good after several gaming hours.

And even though it's foam, it still has a soft comfort to it that I like. Personally, I almost always prefer soft over firm and sofas or mattresses, so I was nervous when I first felt the ewin gaming chair, but after using it, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it feels. The base is made with solid aluminum, and the wheels are good, but they don't look super fancy. They get the job done.

It comes with 2 pillows, one for lumbar support and a neck pillow for the top. Like most reviews I've read in all the ewin gaming chair I've sat in, the lumbar pillow is just too much for me. It's a tiny too long and a little too large. So let's talk about that. I'm 6 feet tall, 235 pounds. I have a 41-inch waist at the loosest part of my butt. It's 46 inches, and the white as part of my shoulders is 50 inches. I took a tailor's measuring tape to grab those dimensions, and if you don't have one, a long shoe string or rope will work. Just mark where it meets and measure the distance from each marking.

Size and Upholstery

I'm going to talk about the cons of the chair first is the size overall. The ewin gaming chair back fits really well, but the seat just isn't wide enough for my legs and that resting on the side bolster. The seat becomes uncomfortable after 30 minutes or so. Over the course of a few weeks, I adjusted to it, and my legs had more stamina before getting tired, but all in all, it's a pretty big downside for me personally because my legs are uncomfortable.

If I were smaller, I don't think this would be an issue, but the seat is 15 and a half inches of clearance for reference. The second con is the ewin gaming chair height sits up really high it seems to be a common thing with all racing chairs, but make sure the chair fit on your desk you're using.

It's a solid 3 inches higher than my last chair, and the armrests with the chair lowered all the way down our 26 inches from the ground. If you grow the armrest up there 29.5 inches from the ground again, this is with the chair lowered all the way down, so make sure the bottom of your desk because at least 26.5 inches from the ground or the armrest may not even fit under your desk.

The seat cushion height is also something you have to get used to. The ewin gaming chair sits up higher, even at its lowest position. My monitor is needed to be raised to compensate for this height difference from my previous chairs; otherwise,

I was looking at this funky downward angle of my monitors, and it just felt off raising my monitors up a few inches eliminated this issue. But it's surely something you should be informed and prepare for before buying this chair.

The final con the inability to lean backward, and no, I don't mean reclined. The chair will allow you to recline up to 155 degrees, and that's more than enough to take a nap although. I'm not really sure why you would take a nap in the chair, but I mean leaning back the ewin gaming chair rocking feature even with the tension adjustment all the way loosen it the chair still forces you to sit and the upright position.


ewin gaming chair

You have to apply pressure from your legs to lean back and stay there. The ewin gaming chair design and where the base connects it just has you working against physics, and it's not possible to lounge back in his chair very comfortably. The reclining function is nice, being able to pull the lever and lean back, but the rocking features something I definitely want in any chair I'm going to be spending a lot of my time. Okay, now that we got some of the bad stuff out of the way, let's talk about some of the pros.

The build quality is what I would assume from a $300 chair. It's nice, high-quality materials all the way around, from the PU leather to the stitching to the memory foam. Nothing about this ewin gaming chair feels cheap. The backrest really hugs my body and feels just like a racing seat. Should be the ability to lean backward and recline 155 degrees is pretty nice, and each person can tweak the angle to their liking, and that's something you can't do in a lot of non-racing style office chairs.

Specification of ewin gaming chair

Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair
Foam Type: High-Density Separated Foaming
Foam Density: 55kg/m3
Frame Color: Black
Frame Construction: Metal
Adjustable Armrests: 2D
Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
Tilt Lock: Yes
Tilt Angle Lock: Yes
Gas Lift Class: 4
Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back
Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 Degrees
Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base
Caster Size & Material: 2" Caster/PU

Pros And Cons


  • Superior design.
  • Durable materials.
  • Plenty of flexible features.


  • The Big & Tall version of this chair is more costly
  • Not perfect for taller users.


The big question is what I purchased this ewin gaming chair again if it disappeared from my house. Overall, I'm happy with the quality; the chair is just not big enough for my body, and that makes my kids happy because my most beloved son loves the chair. He's been playing games every single day games like 360 no scope and weighted dubs and Fortnite, but personally, I want something a little bit bigger a better question is what I purchase products from he went again, and yes, their quality is top-notch and hopefully someday I'll be able to try out some other excel products and let you guys know what that fits my body style a little bit better.

Thanks to its robust construction and reasonable price tag, the ewin gaming chair is an excellent choice.

This gaming chair functions in many features similar to other gaming chair discovered at a more expensive price range.

The Assembly of this gaming chair is also straightforward, even for newcomers. On the other side, the cushions that feel too small. It's a good gaming chair that absolutely earns a place among the high-class brands you should keep in mind.