Everything You Should Know Before Buying a Longines Watch

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If you are an avid fan of luxury watches, you probably know the brand Longines. It was one of the first manufacturers to release timepieces with components made entirely in-house. Aside from that,  watch collectors and enthusiasts recognized it as Switzerland’s oldest trademarked logo. 

In the first few years of its operations, it mass-produced timekeeping tools offered exclusively to the military and scientists. It provided several great contributions to the watchmaking industry. For instance, it produced the finest and most sought-after movements namely the 13ZN and 30CH calibers. If you want to take a closer look at the brand, then keep on reading.

Are Longines watches worth the money?

A lot of people are hesitant to buy themselves a Longines Watch because they are not sure if it is worth their hard-earned money. If you are one of them, there is no need to think twice because each of the watch models it offers has a great quality that justifies the price tag. For instance, the brand only uses scratch-resistant sapphire crystals to ensure that it will be free from visible signs of accidental drops. Additionally, it uses a Geneve Stripe finish in all of its movements to make it look aesthetic despite not being seen by the naked eye. By using a special engineering process, it guarantees that all of its timepieces have very high precision. 

How much does a Longines watch cost?

Longines manufactures high-quality timepieces yet offers them at a price tag that will not break the bank. It is the brand for you if you want to own a sophisticated watch but you don’t want to splurge a huge sum of money. Some of its collections cost less than $2 000 but the upgraded and modified watch versions may range from $1 300 to $6 500. It still depends on the watch features, designs, type of materials, and complications. If it can offer more functions other than telling the time, then the manufacturer can demand a higher price. 

Do Longines watches make great investments?

Investment watches are those that can give you a higher return in the future. It means that when you buy it today, its value will appreciate in the long run hence allowing you to sell it at a higher price point. Many factors can determine the value of the watch a few years after your purchase. For instance, if it belongs to one of the rarest collections, then its resale value will either increase or decrease. Other contributing factors include the materials used, the brand image, and the uniqueness of the design.  For Longines, there is a massive catalog of watches and some of them have one-of-a-kind components and features. If you can afford the limited-edition Longines watch, then make sure to purchase it and expect that its value can increase by at least 20% after a few years. 

TOP 3 recommended Longines watches

1. Longines Spirit L38104032

The L38104032 is under the Longines Spirit collection with color combinations of green, brown, and silver. You can easily change the time setting by using the pusher on the right side of the watch. The dial is green and comes with silver-tone hands and Arabic numerals. The brand placed it on a stainless steel case with sapphire crystal to protect it from external factors. 

Since it is for men, the brand made sure that its case diameter is not too large nor too small to perfectly fit them. It functions through the automatic caliber L888.4 at a frequency of 25 200. It is a great watch to accompany you on all your underwater adventures because it has a 100 m water resistance. Get it now for as low as $2 099.

2. Longines Heritage L37741502

The Longines Heritage L37741502 has one of the most unique and complicated faces that the brand manufactured. There are a lot of things going on top of the green dial. The indexes are a combination of dot and skeleton designs. The brand paired it with hands filled with luminescence. In this way, you can easily check the time regardless of the light condition in your area. 

The materials used to create the durable case are bronze and titanium. The movement can make the watch last for up to 72 hours which is longer than the power reserve of most watches. The best feature of this watch is its 300 m water resistance making it withstand extreme conditions when submerged in water. The black leather bracelet is easy to clean and maintain the quality, saving you from being stressed out whenever you spill water or wine on your watch. It retails at $3 000 but can be as low as $2 839.

3. Longines Conquest L37272669

An all-black design with a pop of red, that is the look of the Longines Conquest L37272669. It is very masculine in appearance which is best for men looking for a timepiece that can enhance their style. The gunmetal hands and indexes are on top of the black dial together with the 3 sub-dials. Between the 4 and 5 o’clock positions, there is a date window that will tell you the day of the month without the need to exert so much time and effort. 

The sapphire crystal is on the stainless steel case with a diameter of 44 mm. There is nothing special about the case shape because it is the same as the majority of watches you can find in the market today. You might not like the solid back if you want to witness the intricate quartz movement. It can survive minor water spills but it is advisable not to use it for deep underwater activities.

In Conclusion

Some say that to enter the world of luxury watches, you need to have a huge sum of money. But that's not the case if you purchase a Longines watch. Compared to Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe, its watch models are relatively affordable. Despite the low prices, they have intricate details that make them valuable. If you plan to order online, make sure to consider buying from WatchShopping.com to ensure the authenticity of your next timepiece!