‘Everybody wants to play safe’

Adnan Sami removed all his photos and videos from Instagram and created a lot of panic among his fans. Not just this, the singer who shot to fame with his single ‘Lift Kara De’ left a cryptic post that read Goodbye. This piqued the interest of his avid followers who started speculating. While some thought he was quitting music, others believed he was leaving Instagram for good. However, some people were smart enough to realize that it was just a promotional stunt for their upcoming music video titled ‘ALVIDA’. Now the OG pop singer has been voicing his opinion on the country’s changing music landscape with more and more remixes popping up in recent times.

During a chat with BollywoodLife, the Palke Jhakav Naa singer shared that remixes are all the rage right now as everyone wants to play it safe. “The thing is, nothing beats originality,” he said. Fun is not a new phenomenon, even in the 90s there have been many remixes. But during this time, the original was being produced at a much higher frequency. Today, especially in the music, film industry, remixes are often put together because everyone wants to play it safe. And because of this, the originals are very few. So this imbalance is unfortunate.”

Adnan Sami also clarified that the current music industry is slowly turning into a free zone and the only reason why music producers are making remakes is because of the constant demand from film producers. The singer explained, “I think films are paying less attention to music because original songs are not being produced as often. Earlier films used to have 8 to 10 songs, now they have reduced to 4 and 5. And sometimes they don’t even have any songs that you know. Actually, it was the film producers who demanded more songs from the musicians earlier. Now, the music industry is slowly moving into a free zone. And the truth. It’s that no music composer wants to come up with constant remixes on purpose.

He added, “They are doing it under the compulsion or demand of today’s film producers. So I think when music composers start doing music independently, they will be able to do much more original work and That’s a good thing. And I think with time it will all start to subside on its own and it’ll be healthy.

Adnan Sami’s latest song ‘Alveida’ is a peppy number with a touch of nostalgia. The song, which was released on July 28, has been viewed 4.6 million times on YouTube.

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