Equal opportunities are needed for alternative fuels like LPG.

The Indian Auto LPG Coalition said the Indian government should provide a level playing field for alternative fuels such as auto liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for carbon-free mobility.

“In principle, we wholeheartedly welcome the government’s initiatives to promote EVs. We are only asking the government to give one more highly capable vehicle,” said the association’s Director General Swayash Gupta. The process should also provide equal opportunities for alternative fuels that can also contribute to an emission-free mobility system in our country.

He said that mass adoption of EVs in the country is still many years away.

“And here, we’re not even mentioning the challenges in EV rollout related to poor battery management systems, lack of proper testing and validation systems, lithium shortages, and, of course, political and commercial dependence on China. “Unbelievable teammates in every way,” Gupta said.

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Emphasizing the benefits of auto LPG, he said that not only does it have zero global warming potential (GWP), it also involves very little transitory costs.

For vehicle owners the cost of fitting with conversion kits will be a fraction of buying a brand new electric vehicle.

Gupta said the government urgently needs to implement the type approval norms and extend the validity period for type approvals forever as is the case elsewhere in the world, and of course, auto LPG. And reducing GST on conversion kits, Gupta said.

According to him, the focus on electric vehicles is somewhat preferential, ignoring the merits of alternative fuels such as auto-LPG and being overly biased towards one technology and against another fuel technology option. Is.

A few months ago, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways issued a draft notification for conversion of BS-VI vehicles to auto LPG and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) which mandated several unacceptable requirements. This is widely regarded as a policy bias, he said.

“When MoRTH issued the draft notification for conversion of BS-VI vehicles to auto LPG and CNG, we expressed our concern in no uncertain terms. Conditions for crash test for retrofitted vehicle, type approval Due to the limited time frame, the requirement for kit manufacturers/suppliers to submit kits fitted to vehicles of different make for each engine capacity, which increases the cost of coordination, all these are largely unnecessary. In, effectively preventing the survival of the domestic retro-fitment industry. At the same time, the OEMs were clearly in an advantageous position,” added Gupta.

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