Elon Musk’s support for controversial climate change deal is facing backlash.

Photo collage featuring US Senator Joe Mnuchin (L) and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. — AFP/Getty/Reuters

On August 5, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted, “Thank goodness for Senator Mnuchin.”

The tweet was in reference to the tax and environmental deal that US Senator Joe Mnuchin agreed to last week.

The deal, which aims to spend federal money on climate and energy programs and raise taxes to reduce health care costs, has met with mixed reactions.

For example, the West Virginia Coal Association condemned the deal in a statement, calling it “strong.” The group has expressed concern that the deal will “undercut” its coal-producing operations.

The majority of reactions to Musk’s tweet about the matter were overwhelmingly negative.

One user, @Jules31415, said: “Why do you support a tyrannical government that wants to spend more money at a time when everyone is struggling with skyrocketing inflation? Use your brain. And have a heart.”

Another user, @LucyDolan13, wrote: “Alvin, are you happy about paying more taxes? I’m middle class income and can’t wait to pay more taxes. How can we beat this?”

Aside from such comments, the rest of the responses mainly questioned Musk’s wealth, as well as general expressions of distaste for the deal.